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Xponent Cue Problems

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by JohnnySpetz, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. JohnnySpetz

    JohnnySpetz New Member

    I am running 3.2 with my newly purchased Xponent from MAudio

    Out of the box I trashed Torq because it is not nearly as stable as Traktor and I get static periodically outputting through my main channels. Not good..

    I have fully mapped the Xponent's midi functions and everything works great, loop's, effects, jog wheels and whathaveyou. The only problem I am having is my cue settings

    My sound configuration is correct. I have Channels 1&2 (The headphone output) set to cue, and Channels 3&4 (Master out) set to master out. When I mix it seems that the only option I have to cue is to press a button to hear the cue of the left or right decks.

    I recently have been using a Hercules DJ Control with the same settings and when using that, the cue automatically adjusted when the cross fader was used. If the cross fader was to deck A, deck B would be cue. If you drag the cross fader to deck B, Deck a would cue.

    Is there a way to set up this 'auto cue' function with other midi controllers such as the Xponent? I am pulling my hair out because It is quite frustrating having to press a button every time I want to hear what’s going on in the cue.

  2. DjCyberMix_Tf

    DjCyberMix_Tf NI Product Owner

    Please can you tell me more about the backlighting?
    It's really impossibile to make works the lights of the buttons?
    Thank you.
  3. JohnnySpetz

    JohnnySpetz New Member

    The backlighting with my Xponent, as well as the backlighting with my Hercules Dj Control, does not work as specified with Traktor.

    All of the Xponents knobs and buttons do light up and have a very dim luminosity to them. When you press a button or turn a knob, that individual device's luminosity temporarily increases until you let go/stop turning.

    If/Until M-Audio releases an official Traktor map, the LED track indicators, deck level indicators, deck BPM pulsing, EQ Kill button, scratch to manual button, loop buttons, and cue buttons will NOT light up as they do in Torq. To me this is not very inconveniencing, because already using Torq, some of my studio mates expressed annoyance in the 'candy like lighting' of the Xponent and the deck BPM pulsing.

    Backlighting for MIDI controllers, I find, is specific to the program/supplier that the controller was made for. I would assume that those extra midi maps have some sort of copyright around them, making it difficult for other programs to emulate. This may not be the case and perhaps its just a matter of time for M-Audio to release the extra midi maps so that we can use them in Traktor...

    So to sum it up, the Xpopnent's backlighting works, each knob and button is lit up and reacts when you interact with it. It does NOT behave like Torq's lighting.


    So back to the main issue, is there a way to properly configure the cue in Traktor so I don’t have to press a button every time I want to cue a deck?
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2007
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