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Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by DJ Freshfluke, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    For future development in TRAKTOR and TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO we'd like to get from you a small, subjective Ranking of the available functions...
    What's hot, what's not?

    PLEASE! Add your setup to your Top/Flop 5!

    No discussions in this thread. Keep it clean - imma delete everything else.

    As example, here mine:

    2x Technics 1210
    2x Shure M44
    1x Ecler Nuo 4
    1x Faderfox DX2
    1x Dell Inspiron Extreme (2.0 Intel Core 2 Duo, 2048 MB RAM)
    1x Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

    TOP 5:
    1. very tight Tracking
    2. ...
    3. ...
    4. ...
    5. ...

    FLOP 5:
    1. no sync lock in timecode mode
    2. ...
    3. ...
    4. ...
    5. ...

  2. lourma

    lourma Forum Member

    TRAKTOR PRO 1.2.3
    2x EKS XP5
    1x Korg NanoKontrol
    1x Lenovo t61p (Intel Core 2 Duo, 2048 MB RAM)
    1x Windows 7 Enterprise

    TOP 5:
    1. flexible (can use many soundcards and controllers)
    2. loops
    3. effects
    4. iTunes integration (ok it can be better but I think its good now)
    5. userinterface (I don´t need to waste time to arrange Windows and stuff)

    FLOP 5:
    1. Can´t beatgrid tracks with fluctuating bpm (Ableton Warp inside Traktor)
    2. MIDI mapping window (at least let us resize this window!)
    3. No global modifiers in MIDI mapping
    4. No Multiple soundcard support (not ASIO4All please)
    5. smaller play/pause, cue buttons, when in 4deck then it could be useful on a 13" MacBook (want to see fx, 4decks + advanced)
  3. DjStrategy

    DjStrategy NI Product Owner

    2x Technics 1210 SE
    2x Shure M44s
    1x Mackie d2
    1x Akai LP8
    1x Sony Vaio VGN-NS11M/S (15,4" IntelCore2Duo 2GHz 3 GB Ram)
    1x Windows Vista Premium 32bit

    TOP 5:
    1. Tight timecode-tracking
    2. Tight Cuepoint-Play possible to create Liveremixes or Beats + being able to set different types of cuepoints: Beatmarker, Loop, etc..
    3. Effects (my favorites: Beatmasher, Gater, Filter, Iceverb, Delay)
    4. Userinterface
    5a.FINALLY MORE COLORS (blue and clear timecode vinyls) + finally limited vinyls (Desolate Records)
    5b. Multicorecables! ;)

    FLOP 5:
    1. No easy to use one shot sampler (f.ex. like in SSL)
    2. No sync lock in timecode mode
    3. Explorer behaviour is jumpy when dragging and dropping files into playlists + NO PLAYLIST LOCK!
    4. Exessively long collection load times
    5. No quickscratchbuttons (like in Torq)
    6. No N.I. Merc (T-shirts, Slipmats, Cases/Bags for the interfaces..etc)
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2009
  4. goonzy

    goonzy Modérateur

    Usual Gig setup
    TRAKTOR PRO 1.2.3
    1 VCI 100
    1 Hercules Control Steel
    1x TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6
    1x Macbook pro 2.8ghz
    1x OSX 10.6.2 Snow Leopard

    TOP 5:
    1. Great UI
    2. Very stable
    3. Midi Mapping system since 1.2
    4. In my case, excellent sound restitution even in Internal mode and with Key Lock (not using timecodes though)
    5. Great user community (apart from those switching back to Serato :))

    FLOP 5:
    1. No EQ and Faders in external mixing mode
    2. No support for direct integration with other hosts (Rewire would be ace)
    3. No (yet hopefully) dedicated 4 decks controler from NI like Xone DX
    4. Though the UI is great, it could be more tweakable
    5. No Multi tempo map
  5. TeLLy

    TeLLy NI Product Owner Extraordinaire

    Traktor Scratch Pro 1.2.3
    Korg Zero4
    4x Tech12s
    Trigger Finger
    Macbook Pro Snow Leopard 64-bit (latest update),2.53GHz C2D, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD
    Macbook Leopard 10.5.8 (soon to be SL), 2.4GHz C2D, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD

    Top 5:
    1) Amazing tracking
    2) Autogain
    3) Effects galore
    5) Four decks
    6) Native_girl (RAWR)

    Flop 5:
    1) Explorer behaviour is jumpy when dragging and dropping files into playlist
    2) Only one colour scheme...I know it's been discussed, but I still want more options
    3) Excessively long collection load times
    4) MIDI mapping process could stand some improvement, ie more user-intuitive
    5) Syncing an internal-play track to timecode (tempo only, momentary SYNC press in MIDI) is not exact because the displayed bpm of the timecode-controlled track is already quantized to a nice round BPM but the actual perceived BPM from Traktor is not.
    6) chilly doesn't send me delicious Greek lamb fournou
  6. goonzy

    goonzy Modérateur


    I agree that a Right click/learn option on the main interface could be somehow a good addition
  7. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    2 x American Audio HTD 4.5 (Studio Decks)
    2 x Stanton ST-150 (Road Decks)
    2 x Shure M44-7
    1x Rane TTM-56
    1x Numark NS7
    1 x Maschine
    1 x Kore 2
    1 x Odyssey Control SL Keyboard
    1 x Dell Studio 17 (1737), 4gb Ram, 1 x 320gb & 1 x500gb, Core2Duo @ 2.4ghz
    1 x Windows XP SP3

    TOP 5:
    1. Awesome tracking
    2. Selection of Effects
    3. Audio Quality
    4. Stability
    5. Features & Options
    6. Clean & Very Legible UI

    FLOP 5:
    1. No Built-In Sampler, Auto Master Clock is very unstable.
    2. No Split Screen Browser option
    3. Search, Browser quirks & limitations, ie: cannot access a filter type directly
    4. Collection load times, folder parsing, disk access issues
    5. No NS7 support
    6. Lack of 2-channel certified scratch mixers with midi control and integrated audio

    PS: Loving all the timecode color options, keep 'em coming. Could I design a picture disc edition? :p
  8. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Traktor Scratch Pro 1.2.3
    2 x Macbook Pro [2.53/4ram & 2.16/3ram]
    2 x Technics 1210mk2
    2 x CDJ 1000mk3
    2 x Ortofon Qberts
    1 x Korg Zero 4
    1 x VCI 100
    1 x Faderfox DX2
    1 x Audio 8 DJ
    1 x Audio 2 DJ
    1 x Presonus Firebox
    CD & Black,Red,White,Desolat,7" timecodes.

    TOP 5:
    1. Being a Moderator for nearly a year.
    2. Stability (zero crashes).
    3. Tracking and DVS stability.
    4. UI looks and works great.
    5. Sound Quality

    FLOP 5:
    1.1 No Booth Output (we dont all mix in our headphones)
    1. Browser and workflow is not as good/simple as T3.
    2. iTunes integration has been patchy.
    3. No new N.I. Certified Mixers.
    4. No Faders in External Mode.
    5. Tap Function.

    TOP 2009 accomplishment: working with Rainerh (God) editing the English Traktor Bible.

    Thumbs Squeezed for a great 2010 for Native Instruments.
  9. chrishgk

    chrishgk Forum Member

    Setup: (depends on the club i play)

    MacBook unibody 2.53 4GB
    Traktor Scratch Pro 1.2.1
    2x CDJ-1000 mk3
    2x Technics 1200 / SL-1210
    Pioneer DJM-800


    1. Stability
    2. Soundquality
    3. Tracking (absolutely amazing)
    4. Also Native_Girl... Dunno how she looks but she must be hot :)


    1. Customizable screen (i only use timecode so want to hide play buttons etc.)
    2. Major bugs that take long time for being fixed
    3. BPM / Beatgrid

    Overall i'm a VERY happy Traktor user.
  10. Pixel 6

    Pixel 6 Forum Member

    Audio 8

    2x Technics 1200 MK3D + KAB Silicone Dampers
    Custom DJM-600 w/ internal 4th phono pre
    2x Ortofon Nightclubs / M447's / M35x
    20K watt EV system

    Unibody Macbook Pro 17"
    2.8 T9600 Core 2 Duor - 4GB DDR3
    128 GB Solid State Drive.
    OSX 10.6.2
    Alienware sits at home - Blank Windows with a big rubber Blank!

    TOP 5:
    1. Beautiful vinyl tracking, and love that lifting / re-cuing is on beat! (Skips on beat too}
    2. Stable on Mac beyond reason! (playing full screen java games while spinning lol) while recording, using internet to dl files, inserting/copying CD's etc.
    3. Key lock sounds almost analog.
    4. Loop is invaluable! - Short intro track life saver to those of us who still MIX.
    5. One-click to organize by artist / bpm etc often used.

    FLOP 5:
    1. Use stripe / GAIN on preview! Tired of blowing my ears out when previewing! Or implement auto gain to preview
    2. Needs resizable waveform window... 17" Mac makes EVERYTHING small.
    4. Needs a button to enable / disable hot keys. (either in preferences or main screen)
    5. On "File location" tab... allow to shorten root directories. Example: "User/mac/blahblahblah/homedirectory/desktop/somefolder/somewhere/music.... to simply "music"
    6. Needs a way to loop, and edit start and end of loop on the fly, while it's looping. Or override the grid maybe? With tap? This is already possible via the loop/move tab! If you dunno how, ask in another thread pls!

    I always thought Traktor was great.... It took a Mac to prove it!

    - Pixel -
  11. ekwipt

    ekwipt NI Product Owner

    2x Technics 1200
    Allen & Heath Xone 92
    Allen & Heath Xone 1D
    Quanta TW7A laptop Windows XP

    TOP 5:
    1. Sound Quality
    2. 4 decks
    3. Midi programability
    4. Looping/cue and the ease of moving/relooping
    5. Browser

    FLOP 5:
    1. Sync lock in timecode mode ( 4deck 2 vinyl 2 midi)
    2. No sampler, more specifically Maschine integration
    3. FX quality (too digitally harsh) virtual vintage/hardware analog FX
    4. GUI enhancements/ selectable modular components(2 distinct screens Mixer/decks/fx & browser, 2,3 or 4 fx units, FX assignments shown on decks, digital representation of filter/ colour fx shown on deck.
    5. Track IDs/ album art downloadable from a central database, partnered with Beatport
  12. pepehouse

    pepehouse Account Suspended

    Traktor Pro 1.2.3
    1xFaderfox DJ2
    1xM-Audio FW Audiophile 24/96
    1xACER Quanta Z500N Serie (Intel Centrino 1.6 Ghz 1GB RAM)
    1xWindows XP Home Edition 2002 Service Pack 3

    Top 5
    -Sound quality (The best out there)
    -Browser and playlists system
    -User interface far better and clean than Traktor 3

    Flop 5
    -New bugs with every update
    -Poor BPM detection (even Mixmeister does it better)
    -Not able to beatgrid fluctuating tempo tracks
    -No native recorder system
    -Too much (useless) FX
  13. apford

    apford NI Product Owner

    Traktor Pro 1.2.3
    1x Audio 8 DJ
    1x Faderfox LX2
    2x Pioneer CDJ (1000/800)
    1 Akai LPD8
    1x Asus N51 laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo, 4gb RAM)
    1x Windows Vista SP1 32 bit

    Top 5
    1. Accurate momentary Sync with timecode CDs, even when using CDJ jog wheel to pitch bend
    2. 4 Decks
    3. Grid system with quantize mode
    4. Hot cues
    5. Well designed GUI
    6. No Air Horn player (aka Serato Sampler)

    Flop 5
    1. No video, visualization, and Flash support (Serato, VDJ, Mixvibes all have an implementation already)
    2. Seems to freeze on startup if started to quickly after computer startup
    3. Browser tree - too easy to drop tracks and whole playlists in the wrong folder/playlist
    4. Hot cue numbers don't match the numbers in the drop-down cue list if unnumbered markers are used in front of numbered markers.
    5. Grid markers take up Hot Cue spots
  14. Marc_Tf

    Marc_Tf NI Product Owner

    2x Technics 1210
    1x Allen & Heath Xone 4D
    1x Trigger Finger
    1x Macbook Pro 2,33 GHZ, 3 GB, 500 GB HD
    1x OS X 10.6.2

    TOP 5:
    1. Cuepoints
    2. Loops
    3. FX
    4. SYNC
    5. Browser

    FLOP 9:
    1. No sync lock in timecode mode
    2. No Load-to-first-cuepoint in prefs (my god would that save me time)
    3. Simpler Beatjump Command (Like Traktor 3)
    4. Momentary functions need to return to previous settings when released (Loop Size, Move Size, Move Mode)
    5. Move size on Loop should work properly
    6. Internal FX Sends per channel
    7. Audio Summing. Please give me the option of preview playing on an output I already use for a deck.
    8. Cuepoint and beatgrid workflow is far from optimal. (Do 100+ tracks, you'll see)
    9. Allow Master (middle) section to hide so 4FX can be displayed on 15" Laptop.

    Suggestions for better Cuepoint workflow:

    1 Beatmarker and Load in one cuepoint (option to be set in prefs)
    2 Load to first marker options in prefs. OLD request)
    3 Start counting the track on the first Marker, not on the beatmarker (where do you put your load? on top?
    4 All parameters in one screen: BPM, Beatmaket and Cuepoints
    5 Asortbutton to sort cues chronologically.
    6 Right-mouse-button functionality in the waveform.
    (Drop Beatmarker, Next Cuepoint, Delete Cuepoint etc)
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2009
  15. DjStrategy

    DjStrategy NI Product Owner


    Sry for OT!
  16. n3lly

    n3lly Forum Member


  17. Steinz

    Steinz Forum Member

    Traktor (scratch) Pro and 3.xx
    2x Technics 1210
    1x Pioneer cdj 800
    Pioneer djm 600 mixer
    1x Faderfox dx2

    Top 5:
    4 decks

    Flop 5:
    Sync in TC mode
    VST support
    No zoom in for waveforms so beatgridding isnt perfect
  18. NReek

    NReek NI Product Owner

    Great initiative! Happy season holidays for all the forum people.

    1x Audio 8
    1x Vestax VCI100
    1x Macbook Pro, 2,8, 4gb RAM, 320gb 7200 hdd.
    1x OSX 10.6.2

    TOP 5:
    1. Sound Quality.
    2. Overall Stability.
    3. Enables the possibility of live re-mashing, in a 'quite organic' way. Really adds value compared to any other djing system, making it the best choice.
    4. Beatslicer (Rocks! Twice!)
    5. Versatility, in terms of ways to use it and set it up.

    FLOP 5:
    1. (Still) Poor iTunes integration: Including here, automatic update of playlists, missing ID3 Tags (Group, Composer..), and the lack of ability to edit m4a tags.

    2. Not flexible beatgrid (a.k.a. warp). Makes traktor be mainly 'electronic music dj' focused. Many of us play other music styles!

    3. Workflows can be improved/simplified. For example, setting grid and cue points requires a lot of intermediate clicks to be done.

    4. GUI: Not flexible (resize, move, add or remove modules), Fader Vu-Meter 'readability' (the lack of) and (Still) no possibility to resize preferences window to edit controller mappings.

    5. Communication between development and user base. Has improved quite a lot lately compared to what it had been, but still has to be more transparent and concise, in my opinion.
  19. Engine77

    Engine77 NI Product Owner

    2x Technics 1200
    1x Allen & Heath Xone 92 & 1D
    1x Audio 8 DJ
    1x ASUS M51Sn, Dual-core - T5550, 3Gb RAM
    1x Win 7

    TOP 5:
    1. Sound Quality
    2. 4 Decks
    3. By request, I'm able to go to my car trunk, take out laptop only, and rock a friend's party with potentially no other equipment needed... 1200's, mixer, wires, powerbars, lengthy setup and takedown time.
    4. Ability to be able to test out mixability of 2 tracks anywhere (i.e. SYNC)
    5. EFX

    FLOP 9:
    1. Not being able to use TSP EVER in a club due to the many bugs and instability.
    2. NI not fixing ANY, but adding to, bugs that are fundamental to a DVS.
    3. NI's secretive approach to updates and developments.
    4. Robustness
    5. Marketing-first approach to products
  20. sweeney.b

    sweeney.b Forum Member

    Traktor SP 1.2.3
    Numark CDN88
    Technics SL1210 X2
    Audio 8
    Professional Radio Setup Mixers ect ect


    1. Sound Quality
    2. Stability
    3. Limiter
    4. Cue Points
    5. Effects

    Bad Points

    1. No sync in timecode
    2. Poor Bpm Reading
    3. no playlist Lock
    4. when searching in the drop down box have the track collection at the top as on a very busy mix it becomes a chore to select track collection and then type in search box

    5. Would Like NI to support internal mixer mode on the Kontrol X1 for use without timcode or develop a mixer kontrol to supplement the X1
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