Z2 innofader mixer, headphone output

Discussion in 'KONTROL Z2' started by Darren Ellis-Robinson, Jun 13, 2019.

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    So, I am stuck. I only like to mix drum and bass. When I used to mix 15 years ago I had a pair of technics 1210s and 1210 headphones and vestax mixer- standard for the era.
    I have recently invested in a Z2 mixer. Any advice on what headphones are going to be getting the most out of the mixer and the important drum and bass frequency range. I'm never going to gig but I do like to crank it right UP on the amp. I'm looking at the beyerdynamic 770 but there's a choice of 32ohm (mobile), 80ohms or 80ohm studio or 250ohm studio. I'm guessing the z2 wouldn't have a high enough impedance without an external headphone amp for the 250ohm. I'm also concerned about clipping.
    Hoping to be advised and put straight. I'm an old hat dj using turntables and vinyl, so digital mixers are new to me and I want the best performance available for my setup.