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Free sound libraries, plugins, and players are the perfect way to get started in sound production before taking the plunge on more comprehensive packages — but this should never mean sacrificing sound quality, which is why Native Instruments offers a completely free catalog of studio-quality sound collections and software.

These aren’t just tools for getting started. They also offer a great way for professional producers to test out Native Instruments’ tools or even give back to the community, which we’ll get to later.


If you’re looking for a complete free sound production suite to get started, then KOMPLETE START offers a curated selection of more than 2000 studio-quality instruments, effects, utilities, loops, and samples. KOMPLETE START bundles together the most important Native Instruments free sound software in a single download, including REAKTOR 6 PLAYER, KONTAKT 6 PLAYER, BLOCKS BASE, MIKRO PRISM, SUPERCHARGER, GUITAR RIG 6 PLAYER, and KOMPLETE KONTROL to keep it all in check.



REAKTOR 6 PLAYER is the engine of your free sound studio, hosting any REAKTOR-based instruments and effects, such as the free synths BLOCKS BASE and MIKRO PRISM. With REAKTOR 6 PLAYER, you can also power any synthesizers and effects built-in REAKTOR by NI partners.  

Alternatively, KONTAKT 6 PLAYER handles samples from Native Instruments, as well as third parties. You can get up and running right away with the various free sample packs included with KOMPLETE START — such as the PLAY SERIES SELECTION and EXPANSIONS SELECTION — then grow to include paid sample packs using the same powerful player.



A player isn’t much good without something to play, which is why Native Instruments offers the REAKTOR-based free synths system BLOCKS BASE, containing all the essential blocks you need to get started patching modular systems.
Additionally, NI offers MIKRO PRISM, a free instrument based on the extremely popular REAKTOR PRISM synthesizer. It comes with 70 presets, clear controls, and endless possibilities, making it simple enough for first timers and powerful enough for pros to get a feel for the full version.

Finding free vocal libraries can be a challenge, but Native Instruments helps make it less challenging by offering a specially-curated range of choir and vocal samples free of charge in our KONTAKT library.

If you’re looking for a free effects processor for your axe and much more, then check out GUITAR RIG 6 PLAYER, which offers a great selection of tools sourced from GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, including amp simulations, 50 preserts, and more than a dozen effects.

A free compressor can be a vital part of any sound producers kit, and Native Instruments delivers with the SUPERCHARGER virtual tube compressor — with a one-knob design offering a clean and simple way to sculpt sounds any way you want.   

To stay on top of your free sound library (as well as any paid packs you use), NI offers KOMPLETE KONTROL, the perfect way to organize and search all your sounds. This free plugin runs in any DAW and can be mapped to any MIDI controller in no time at all.



For those looking for free software to mix music, Native Instruments offers TRAKTOR DJ 2, which provides a quick and simple way to get started in digital DJing. With professional-grade effects, auto-syncing, and track recommendation, TRAKTOR DJ 2 allows anyone to mix music whether at a live performance or recording in a bedroom. 

With the SoundCloud Go+ integration, you have an almost endless track collection at your fingertips, meaning you’ll never be short a song mid-set. Available on desktops and iPads, you can shape your sound in real-time and customize everything for a DJ booth that suits your style.

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