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Get a range of fully tweakable acoustic-electric hybrid sounds inspired by nature in this Kontakt instrument optimized for polyphonic aftertouch.

Analog Dreams

Part of the Play Series, get vintage 70s and 80s synth sounds plus creative effects, all set in an intuitive, streamlined interface.

Ethereal Earth

Create new, atmospheric soundscapes and textures that transcend the ordinary with this special Play Series instrument.

Jacob Collier Audience Choir

Relive the magic of Jacob Collier’s Djesse world tour by conducting your own harmonious audience choir with samples captured from 22 cities worldwide.

Irish Harp

Add the warm, rich tones of a 34-string neo-Irish harp to your productions with this authentic Kontakt instrument.


Add the sound of a traditional Chinese hammered dulcimer to your productions, carefully recorded and with a range of intuitive parameter controls.

Factory Selection 2

Explore an array of Kontakt instruments divided into Acoustic, Band, Beats, Synth, and Vintage categories, including plenty of drumkits, guitars, synths, keys, and more.


Ozone EQ

Control your sound with laser precision using the Equalizer feature from iZotope's definitive mastering suite, Ozone 11.


A do-it-all creative reverb plugin built to take your sound anywhere across the spectrum, from abstract echoes to space-travel sound design.

Trash Lite

Featuring over 60 distortion types, Trash Lite is the perfect way to get a taste of iZotope’s iconic chaos engine.


Saturate your tracks with rich, warm tube compression in an intelligent interface designed for easy use.


Our iconic delay effect plugin with intuitive controls – perfect for anything from subtle slapback to dizzying echoes.

Guitar Rig 7 Player

A free version of the mighty Guitar Rig 7 Pro, with a selection of amps, cabs, delays, reverbs, stompboxes, and compressors.


Get the dust, scratches, warp, and mechanical noise of vinyl records in this beloved lofi plugin.

Let’s get started

Once you’ve downloaded your free music production software, start creating with these handy guides. Need some inspiration? Start exploring your instruments and effects with our step-by-step blog tutorial. In need of technical support? Visit the quick-start guide for detailed assistance on getting started.

Visit the blog Read the quick-start guide

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