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Native Instruments packs the industry’s most iconic tools and effects into simple-to-download bundles at unbeatable prices. From premium EQ packs to historical compressors, classic modulators to bit-crushing innovators, you’ll have all the tools you need to craft the sound you want.


Supercharge your studio setup with two industry-leading bundles that combine some of the best compressor and equalizer packs available. The PREMIUM TUBE SERIES bundle brings you three standout effects with the sought-after sound of outboard tube-board hardware: PASSIVE EQ, VARI COMP, and ENHANCED EQ. PASSIVE EQ is an all-purpose tool fit for any mix, while the ENHANCED EQ is a little more focused, filling out the low end and adding clarity to the midrange. VARI COMP, meanwhile, is a general-use two-channel compressor, which delivers natural sounds in an easy-to-use package.

The SOLID MIX SERIES bundle is crafted to offer the sound of a high-end studio console in any virtual rack, with three professional effects. The SOLID EQ pack is a 6-band equalizer capable of swapping seamlessly between a shelf and bell curve, perfect for any job from sweeping changes to high-precision tweaks. This is combined with the SOLID BUS COMP, which can handle single tracks, subgroups, or the master channel to give your productions a professional finish. The third pack in this studio bundle is SOLID DYNAMICS, which combines three essential effects in a single plugin: a stereo compressor with both a gate and expander module.


Get creative in any production with Native Instruments’ range of exciting effects bundles. The MOD PACK offers the most classic effects in the industry, updated and reimagined for modern production. This pro bundle combines flanger, phaser and chorus packs to deliver a diverse range of sounds with endless possibilities. The included FLAIR effect builds on and reimagines the classic flanger while CHORAL takes some of the most respected chorus collections of the past four decades and reimagines them in four distinct modes, each with its own unique character. Wrapping things up is a phaser module, PHASIS, offering classic phaser effects as well as the tools to push things to new horizons.

The CRUSH PACK, on the other hand, features the sounds of early samplers reimagined with a contemporary twist. Three pro plugins – BITE, DIRT, and FREAK – combine to pull, crush, and distort your tracks. BITE brings precision bit-crushing to recreate the early sounds of hip-hop and dance classics, while FREAK offers three modulation types for that lo-fi, retro feel. These are rounded out by DIRT, the ultimate distortion plugin, with carefully calibrated parameters for ultimate control.


Explore some of the most sought-after sounds in studio history with NI’s classic bundles, offering vintage tools in fresh packages. REVERB CLASSICS delivers a legendary reverb collection, recreating two of the most iconic units ever in the RC 24 and RC 48, both offering deep, dynamic sounds through easy-to-use and intuitive interfaces.

VINTAGE COMPRESSORS throws it back to trusted, old-school classics, offering the chance to add the VC 76, VC 2A, and VC 160 to your virtual rack. Representing some of the most popular compressors in studio history, each brings a unique element to this classic bundle. The VC 76 offers fast attack for a punchy high end, while the VC 2A features a smoother sound that’s useful for vocals and bass. The VC 160 is the classic of classics, with added attack and subtle drive, ideal for mixing drums. Combined, they make up one of the most comprehensive vintage compressor bundles available.

Native Instruments’ professional bundles offer studio-grade tools and genre-defining effects for unrivalled prices, all in easy-to-use packages that anyone can use.

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