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The human voice is an instrument without equal, an ancient sound source capable of uniquely vibrant and evocative tones. But what if you could take those distinctive human vibrations and turn them into otherworldly soundscapes and unique melodies for any genre?

Well, with Native Instruments’ range of VST vocal instruments, you can. Explore your creativity and shape the humble human instrument into a whole new universe of sound. From smooth and chill vibes to grainy textures and cinematic soundscapes, our versatile selection of vocal samples offers new and exciting ways to shape the human voice.


GLAZE was built in collaboration with legendary engineers Curtis "Sauce" Wilson and Rochad Holiday after working with the likes of Ne-Yo, Ariana Grande, Will Smith, and Dr. Dre. Capable of delivering glossy vocal vibes that are perfect for pop, R&B, and hip hop tracks, GLAZE includes wide stacked chords and pads, leads, bass timbres, and more—all underpinned by vocal samples from a diverse range of live vocalists.

This includes 148 vocal presets with Riffs and Runs that make creating chopped vocal lines fast and intuitive—with instant scale mapping for natural-sounding sequences and an array of preset macros for instant effect and sound-shaping control.

As part of the PLAY SERIES, GLAZE integrates seamlessly with KONTAKT PLAYER and the full version of KONTAKT, allowing you to modify individual sound sources through tuning, panning, and filter envelopes, as well as building your own effects chains and editing macro controls. No matter how you shape your sound, GLAZE makes real-time control of vocal presets simple and intuitive, allowing you to create slick vocal licks in the studio and on the stage.


PHARLIGHT contains a one-of-a-kind vocal sample library recorded with a specialized granular engine. Developed by the team behind STRAYLIGHT, it features two unique playback modules for an almost limitless combination of phrases from vocalists and beatboxers — allowing you to build cinematic soundscapes, a pulsating ambiance, or killer vocal hooks in any genre.

The PHARLIGHT library is blended together using the powerful Grain and Sample modules, which allow for tempo-synced transitions, sweeps, and drops with massive versatility. This combination of sounds is powered by the X-Y pad for instinctive control over a huge range of effects, including an array of boutique filters, alongside chorus, flangers, phasers, and more.

Explore PHARLIGHT’s uniquely human textures, pads, leads, and effects with KOMPLETE KONTROL. Perform real-time sound shaping of 319 sound sources and 350 expertly-designed snapshots with ease, and elegantly sculpt transitions, tension, and drops, whether live or in the studio.


Containing 800 specially recorded vocal presets — including 5 hours of choir recording sessions built into over 600 playable layers that unleash the power of the human voice — MYSTERIA has been carefully curated to convey the entire spectrum of human emotion, from the intimate to the sublime. 

Featuring an X-Y control that forms the centerpiece of this vocal VST, MYSTERIA allows you to build continuously evolving atmospheres and intimate vocal shifts that range from the subtle to the epic. The X axis morphs between sounds sources, while the Y axis increases emotional intensity for intuitive control that allows scoring in real time.

And MYSTERIA’s cluster designer provides granular control over voices that allow you to build compelling chords and musical groupings for the ultimate in vocal expression. Featuring editable vocal presets with up to eight voices, the Glide, Add-on, and Parallel playing modes open the door to a stunning range of sonic effects.

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