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Welcome to the KOMPLETE START Quick Start Guide.

In this guide you will learn how to explore sounds and load instruments from the KOMPLETE START bundle using the KOMPLETE KONTROL software and your keyboard or MIDI controller. If you have some experience already, feel free to jump around. For beginners, we recommend spending some time reading through this guide.


KOMPLETE START is a collection of free instruments, effects, loops, and samples. A description of the included products can be found here.


Before you begin, make sure everything is set up and ready to go:
Use Native Access to install all of the KOMPLETE START products on your computer. If you need help with Native Access, go here.
You’ll need a keyboard to follow this guide, so make sure it’s connected to your computer and any software it needs to run is installed.
Run the KOMPLETE KONTROL software on its own and not as a plug-in in any host, (for example, such as Ableton Live, Logic or Cubase) to set up the library. This may take some time. If the KOMPLETE KONTROL application doesn’t load, head over to the Support section.


KOMPLETE KONTROL is the easy to use software that organizes all the sounds from KOMPLETE START. It allows you to quickly browse all of your sounds, find samples and sync collections from from using one piece of software. More on this later, for now, let’s get started by connecting your keyboard!


You can use your keyboard to play and adjust sounds directly in KOMPLETE KONTROL.

To set it up, click the Komplete Kontrol menu, and then select Preferences. In the Preferences, click the MIDI tab to set your keyboard. And don’t forget to click the checkbox next to the name of your keyboard to activate it!
If you still need help to set up your keyboard, visit the configuration Support page here.