Learn how to use the Mixer page in AMATI VIOLA to adjust the loudness, position and depth of the instrument in the mix.

AMATI VIOLA has been recorded with a multi-microphone setup, using a total of 32 microphones in close, middle and far positions. These microphone positions can be controlled within the Mixer page. The mixer controls can be used to adjust the loudness, position and depth of the instrument in the mix. For example, when composing or performing a piece designed for a string quartet, the mixer controls can be used to place each instrument of the Cremona Quartet series in their respective realistic string quartet positions.

The Room Noise was captured in the historical Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi, and can be used to remove digital silence even with longer pauses between notes. This provides a great way to glue your viola performance together and give it an extra hint of realism.

The Mixer contains the following controls:

  1. Open (mixer icon): Opens the Mixer page.

  2. Microphone On/Off: Switches each microphone position on or off, accessible in the multi-microphone version of AMATI VIOLA. This will also purge the samples from the NKI, ideal for saving system resources.

  3. Pan: Adjusts the placement of each microphone mix in the stereo field. Turn the control left or right to adjust to the desired position.

  4. Volume Slider: Adjusts the volume of each microphone mix.

  5. Room Noise: Adjusts the amount of Room Noise. Use the slider to increase or decrease the amount of the noise floor of the auditorium captured during the recording process.

  6. Close (x icon): Closes the Mixer and returns to the Main page


Note that the standard NKI version of AMATI VIOLA features a stereo mixdown of the 32 microphones used during the recording process. Therefore the Mixer is only available in the multi-microphone instance of AMATI VIOLA.


AMATI VIOLA was recorded and captured as closely and realistically as possible to the true sound of the instrument. Therefore the Mixer does not include separate effects controls. However, you can control the reverb and spaciousness of the sound by adjusting the Far mic position.