Pattern Editor

In the Pattern Editor, you can access 16 clips that provide a range of rhythmic patterns that are used to trigger your drum sounds. Each kit comes with 16 pre-defined grooves that are tailored to the preset kit sounds. These grooves provide a great base for exploring the intricacies and sonic potential of each kit, and can give you inspiration for creating your own drum beats. You can also edit clips in any DAW, which allows you to create tailored grooves and rhythms for your kit. You can make slight rhythmic variations to these grooves, or lay out full song structures, with Intro, Verses, Choruses and Outros. Latch and Retrigger controls enable you to determine how MIDI triggers interact with the playback of each clip, and the Speed control allows you to experiment with different playback speeds.

Pattern Editor Overview

The Pattern Editor contains the following control:

  1. Speed: Selects from three options that determines the playback speed of the pattern. x1 plays the pattern back at the original speed, 1/2 plays the pattern at half the original speed, and x2 plays the pattern at double the original speed.

  2. Latch: Latches the pattern on or off. When Latch is on, the pattern will run continuously in loop from a single note trigger. Releasing the key will not stop the pattern playback until the note is pressed again. When Latch is off, the pattern will only play back for the time the note is held.

  3. Retrigger: Switches retrigger on or off. When Retrigger is off, triggering a new pattern while another is already playing will continue to play from the same position. When Retrigger is on, the pattern will restarts from the beginning each time a note is played.

  4. Quantize: Provides five options (Bar, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 16) for quantizing input MIDI notes. When one of the five values is selected, MIDI notes triggering the patterns will be delayed by the specified duration so that newly launched patterns playback to the grid. When Off is selected, patterns will be launched as soon as the note is pressed.

  5. Patterns: 16 patterns that hold different MIDI clips. These patterns are triggered by the corresponding note value displayed, from C3 to D#4. Patterns can be loaded and edited via MIDI drag and drop.

  6. Playback Display: Displays the playback of the currently triggered pattern.