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Welcome to Glaze 2


Welcome to the Play Series Glaze online manual. Read this user guide and learn how to use Glaze 2 in Kontakt to create harmonies and backing vocals.

The follow up to one of our most-loved Play Series instrument, Glaze 2 evolves vocal synthesis by bringing bigger and bolder chords, pads, and leads. With even more voices and the slick sound of the talkbox, Glaze 2 includes over 30 custom chord sets and background vocals for instant harmonies, plus over 150 presets with an extensive range of sound sources and custom Kontakt effect macros.

As its predecessor, Glaze 2 was crafted in collaboration with Curtis 'Sauce' Wilson and Rochad Holiday - engineers behind the sounds of Ne-Yo, Ariana Grande, Will Smith, and Dr Dre.

Glaze 2 can be used for creating subtle harmonies and backing vocals, or for full vocal riffs and runs that allow you to cut backing vocals on any track. It also provides all the ingredients you need to create a full track, with a versatile preset collection of stacked chords, oneshots, bass, leads, and synth sounds. The innovative Riff & Run presets allow you to play vocal riffs alongside a chord progression, whereby runs coincide with the bass note being played.

As with all Play Series instruments, Glaze 2 aims to balance intuitive, performance-focused control with nuanced sound design. The macros offer quick and dynamic control over the synth engine, enabling you to effortlessly shape presets and customize your own sounds. For those who wish to go deeper in sound design, you will find powerful sound editing tools and custom effects chains that offer further control and inspiration. Glaze also contains an analog-style sequencer that can produce chords, arpeggios and melodic, rhythmical patterns. Ultimately, these tools aim to empower you in your own sound creation!