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Die legendäre Distortion-Engine von iZotope Verforme deine Sounds mit über 600 Distortion-Typen und Impulsantworten.
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Dynamic effects are the backbone of any studio. These powerful tools allow you to manipulate and control audio signals to optimize the loudness, punch, and coherence of your tracks. Whether that’s a subtle tube compressor bringing warmth to your vocals, or the unmistakable sound of sidechain compression used to deliver a rhythmic pulse to your music, compressor VSTs and other dynamic effects are the missing link between bedroom-level and pro-grade tracks.


Compressor VST plugins allow producers to control the mix , enhancing the presence and attack of individual sounds or levelling out entire tracks. Compressors can also help DJs bring mixes to life and iron out incongruous samples or sounds that would otherwise overpower the mix. Dynamic effects are a key weapon in your sonic arsenal, and Native Instruments has everything you need to sculpt the sounds you want.

Based on vintage technologies designed to provide analog warmth and smooth transitions, the range of VST tube compressors from Native Instruments delivers accurate emulations of history’s most celebrated dynamic effects. Featuring painstaking recreations of studio legends, our VINTAGE COMPRESSORS collection improves on the originals by delivering pristine audio quality and contemporary features like sidechaining – all packaged in a clean and easy to use interface for a wide range of creative compression techniques.

Building on this are the SUPERCHARGER and SUPERCHARGER GT tube compressor VST effects that push the envelope of modern tube compression and deliver high-octane attitude through supremely intuitive user interfaces. SUPERCHARGER’s one-knob design provides ultra-fast results — adding understated warmth or brutally crushed and compressed audio with just a single click.

SUPERCHARGER GT, on the other hand, takes all the features of SUPERCHARGER and enhances the experience with added saturation and character controls for perfectly nuanced sound shaping. Explore the Mild, Crisp, and Slam modes for a full spectrum of audio manipulation and fine-tune your sounds with Fat, Warm, and Aggressive character modes.


Beyond standalone compressors, the Native Instruments collection of dynamic effects also features a range of control mix tools, like the TRANSIENT MASTER and our SOLID MIX SERIES, whose condensed console includes SOLID BUS COMP, SOLID EQ, and SOLID DYNAMICS. Each provides high-end studio console sound in VST form, allowing you to quickly upgrade your set-up and take control over your entire signal chain.

The TRANSIENT MASTER is one of the best compressor VSTs for drums, percussion, guitars, and other instruments, as well as for mixing entire tracks. Its simple and intuitive user interface has just three knobs — Attack, Sustain, and Gain — making it quick and easy to enhance attack, control mix presence, fix problematic recordings, and place individual tracks in your mix to create space.

The SOLID MIX SERIES is a cohesive toolset for shaping your sound: sculpt your tone with a 6-band equalizer; tailor single channels with combined compressor, expander, and gate; add VST compressor tools to single channels or subgroups; or adjust the master channel to help you gain precise control over your sounds.


Sidechaining is a popular method of using a compressor to create pulsing rhythms and other dramatic sounds, and the Native Instruments dynamic effects collection has a range of sidechain compressors ready for the job. In its simplest form, sidechain compressors are linked to the rhythm of one track, such as the drums, but apply compression to a separate track, such as the bass. This creates a striking throb within your mix, as the bass is pushed above the drums at key moments.

Our VINTAGE COMPRESSORS and SOLID MIX SERIES both include sidechaining and parallel compression features that allow you to achieve this effect quickly and easily. For the most dramatic effects, the SUPERCHARGER and SUPERCHARGER GT VST sidechain compressors deliver powerful audio manipulation features that offer truly creative mixing and sound design.

Check out Native Instruments’ huge range of dynamic effects today and push your studio to the next level with powerful compression, EQ, and dynamics.

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