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To get started, this section shows you how to connect your loudspeakers and headphones.

Connecting Loudspeakers

Before you make any connection switch off your stereo system or active loudspeakers. Additionally, turn down the big volume knob on top of the KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 (OUT 1/2 VOLUME).
Connect your stereo system or active loudspeakers to OUT 1 (stereo left) and OUT 2 (stereo right) using 1/4" jack cables. You can now switch on your stereo system or active loudspeakers.

Connecting Headphones

Before you connect your headphones, turn down the headphones volume knob above the headphones output.
Connect your headphones to the headphones output using a 1/4" jack adapter.
For regular playback, the INPUT/HOST knob needs to be turned to the right (HOST).
Now that your loudspeakers and headphones are connected, you can set up the software for use with the KOMPLETE AUDIO 6. You have two options: Set up MASCHINE for sampling or Ableton Live for recording.