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Three premium drum kits, over 3,300 exclusive groove patterns and a detailed mix studio with high-end effects.
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From the tap of a vintage high-hat to the cinematic rumble of full symphony percussion, Native Instruments delivers a diverse range of ultra-realistic acoustic drum samples. Explore, mix, and match percussion sounds from around the world and across the ages to sculpt your perfect sound.


Discover the sound of authentic acoustic drums with the ABBEY ROAD DRUMMER COLLECTION, which includes more than 200,000 expertly-recorded samples and MIDI patterns. This collection of six unique acoustic drum sample packs takes you through the decades – from ultra-rare 30s and 40s drum kits in ABBEY ROAD | VINTAGE DRUMMER to the contemporary acoustic drum samples of ABBEY ROAD | MODERN DRUMMER.

This essential acoustic drum collection taps into the pedigree of Abbey Road Studios, offering realistic drum kits, masterfully recorded with timeless techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.


After taking a trip through time with the Abbey Road Drummer Collection, explore our vast libraries of traditional percussion instruments from across the globe. The SPOTLIGHT collection currently includes traditional rhythms and patterns, as well as distinctive acoustic percussion samples from  the Middle East, India, Cuba, and West Africa.

SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION: MIDDLE EAST offers 25 authentic instruments from the musical heritage of Arabic, Turkish, and Persian music, including 15 percussion instruments – from frame drums to finger cymbals – all beautifully sampled to be played alone or as part of an ensemble.

SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION: INDIA offers the authenticity of traditional Indian music in superb quality, including nine unique percussion instruments with acoustic percussion samples that can be mixed into any track for high realism and complete control. 

Offering 26 percussion instruments and 74 pre-programmed ensemble patterns, SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION: WEST AFRICA is a wonderful exploration of rhythms from Mali and Guinea through high-quality acoustic drum samples. The acoustic percussion samples can be played individually or as customizable ensembles to craft your unique sound with distinct and realistic sounding drum samples. 

SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION: CUBA gives an Afro-Cuban feel to any project with a heritage that has influenced sounds around the world - from house to indie and chart-topping pop. This sample pack offers numerous authentic sounds, including acoustic drum loops, 11 percussion instruments, and 17 curated ensembles.


If you’re crafting cinematic scores, then the classic acoustic drums samples of SYMPHONY SERIES – PERCUSSION has everything you need. Recorded at Studio 22 in Budapest, this symphonic acoustic drum sample pack includes 55 orchestral percussion instruments across 7 kits to build the sound you want – from the heaviest drama to the lightest touch.

Every drum sample was captured using the latest techniques with four distinct room mixes to create real-sounding drum loops, combined with more detailed spot recordings. Within the pack, Drum Head Resonance Simulation (DHRS) is employed to intelligently switch between recordings on static and resonating drum heads for the most realistic cinematic drum kits possible.

To add even more cinematic weight to your projects, ACTION STRIKES offers the ultimate in blockbuster orchestral percussion. With 12 full ensembles, 65 single instruments, and 12 Hit Sets, all within a highly intuitive interface, ACTION STRIKES can deliver cinematic soundtracks at the touch of a button.

Explore the complete Native Instruments range of acoustic drum VSTs today and discover authentic acoustic drum loops, one-shots, and samples that bring life to any mix. 

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