DISCOVERY SERIES: MIDDLE EAST offers a wide range of percussive and melodic instruments, including a Turkish string ensemble. Read on for details.


Darbuka: A small goblet drum, made from aluminium and used often in Turkish music.
Doumbek: A single-headed goblet drum, made of metal. This collection features two Egyptian-style doumbeks – one slightly larger drum, usually referred to as sombaty, and a classic doumbek.
Dohola: A large goblet drum similar to the darbuka and doumbek, but capable of producing deeper tones because of its larger size.
Tombak: A wooden goblet drum – the primary drum used in Persian music. The tombak has a more pronounced goblet shape than the other drums in this collection, with a head that stretches over the rim.


Bendir: A large frame drum used in both Arabic and Turkish music. The instrument in this collection is made with natural skin and without snares.
Daire: A medium-sized frame drum with jingles, used in Arabic and Turkish music. Similar to a riq but larger.
Daf: A large Persian frame drum with jingles attached to the inside of the shell.
Davul: A large Turkish double-headed drum, played with mallets. Similar to an Indian dhol.
Duff: A simple Arabic frame drum with a larger shell and without jingles.
Katem: An Arabic frame drum, without jingles. This collection includes two katems with different diameters.
Kudüm: A pair of small Turkish kettle drums, played with mallets.
Riq: A small, tambourine-like frame drum with jingles. This instrument collection features two different riq models.
Zil: A pair of Arabic finger cymbals.


Kanun: A Turkish zither, used mostly in classical music.
Kemençe: A small, bowed three-string Turkish fiddle. The instrument in this collection is a pear-shaped kemençe, used in classical music.
Ney: A long end-blown flute, used in all kinds of middle-eastern music.
Oud: A short-necked fretless lute used in Turkish and Arabic music and one of the main melodic instruments in the Middle East.
Saz: A long-necked fretted lute, used in Turkish folk music. This collection features three different saz models, the medium sized tambura, the smaller cura and the large divan saz.
Tanbur: A long-necked fretted Turkish lute, used in Turkish classical music.
Zurna: A medium-sized Turkish oboe, used in folk music.


String Ensemble: A string group with two violins, viola, and cello. Recorded by the renowned İstanbul Strings.