Although performance faders are not present on the S5, Stem files will automatically map to the performance pads instead. You can control stem volume by pressing the corresponding pad and adjusting with the Browse Knob, mute/unmute stems, tweak effects and filter values, and more.
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When comparing TRAKTOR all-in-one controllers, there are a number of things to consider, and some features can be best understood by examining the controller at your local music equipment retailer. For example, TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 features a robust build quality comparable to TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 and significantly higher than the S4.

Put simply, if you don’t use timecode media or need a mixer with stand-alone functionality, the S5 is perfect for you. And for a more detailed comparison of TRAKTOR hardware controllers, see this comparison chart.
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Even if you’re used to jogwheels, TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 features two ultra-responsive touch strips that allow you to perform nudge, seek, and pitchbend functions with the same precision as with a jogwheel. But if your style requires hands-on timecode control, TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 provides the necessary features.
Because TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 was designed for use with TRAKTOR PRO 2 software, you cannot DJ without a computer connected. You can, however, run an audio signal through the stand-alone AUX channel without a computer.
Because the innovative features found on TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 demand more power than an average hardware controller, it can’t be used without a connected power supply unit.
The TRAKTOR KONTROL S4/S5 FLIGHT CASE provides rugged, road-tested protection TRAKTOR KONTROL S5.
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It is currently not possible to control TRAKTOR DJ with TRAKTOR KONTROL S5.
Yes, the TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 can also be used as a controller for any software that supports MIDI. Please note though, that the displays only work with TRAKTOR PRO 2 software.
The default S5 mapping is hardcoded and cannot be altered. You can, however, create your own alternative MIDI mapping and toggle between the two with SHIFT+BROWSE.
Yes you can. Although S5 provides everything you need to DJ with TRAKTOR, adding an F1, for example, will give you dedicated performance faders and expanded Remix Deck controls.
Stems is a new format for music. A Stem file is an open, multi-channel audio file that contains a track split into four musical elements – bass, drums, vocals, and melody for example.
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