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Modular Icons contains sound sources created by renowned musicians using some of the world’s most revered modular systems. Find out more about the sound sources in the table below.



Backfire with ARP 2500 (EMEAPP)
Ballzout with ARP 2500 (EMEAPP)
Big N Boomy with ARP 2500 (EMEAPP)
Tearing Fabric with ARP 2500 (EMEAPP)
Bass On Balls Keith Emerson’s Moog Modular (EMEAPP)
In The Lead Keith Emerson’s Moog Modular (EMEAPP)
Noise In Head Keith Emerson’s Moog Modular (EMEAPP)
Son of Wasp Keith Emerson’s Moog Modular (EMEAPP)
Tail Wagger Keith Emerson’s Moog Modular (EMEAPP)
Down Sweep Roland 700 (EMEAPP)
Foghorn Solo Roland 700 (EMEAPP)
Psycho Gliss Roland 700 (EMEAPP)
Reso Ring Roland 700 (EMEAPP)
True North Roland 700 (EMEAPP)
Twin Tail Bass Roland 700 (EMEAPP)
Two Osc Custom Moog Modular (Walter Holland)
Three Osc Custom Moog Modular (Walter Holland)
Plectral Custom Moog Modular (Mark Isham)
Swell Osc Custom Moog Modular (Mark Isham)
Vint-aged Custom Moog Modular (Mark Isham)
Filtaire Custom Moog Modular (Mark Isham)
Pure Grit Custom Eurorack (Robin Rimbaud)
Dirt Repeater Custom Eurorack (Robin Rimbaud)
Drift Surf Custom Eurorack (Robin Rimbaud)
Organ Pluck Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Alien Drone Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Mono Glide Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Iterative FX Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Modular FX Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Engine in G Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Bode Layer Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Sharp Bass Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Lead for Mistress Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
For Brassy Seq Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Lead Seq Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Bass Noisy Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Brassy Bass Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Sub One Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Sub El Tauro Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Dusty Lead Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Epic Brass Custom Moog Modular (Jean-Michel Jarre)
Brass Skool Polyfusion System (Steve Porcaro)
1975 Horns Polyfusion System (Steve Porcaro)
FM Radio Polyfusion System (Steve Porcaro)
Growth Pad Polyfusion System (Steve Porcaro)
Sawland Polyfusion System (Steve Porcaro)
Open the Pod Bay TONTO (Calgary Music Centre)
Punchy Triangle TONTO (Calgary Music Centre)
Sub You Can Feel TONTO (Calgary Music Centre)
Spring Reflection TONTO (Calgary Music Centre)
Warm Embrace TONTO (Calgary Music Centre)
High Harmonics TONTO (Calgary Music Centre)
Fine Corinthian TONTO (Calgary Music Centre)
Hollow Center TONTO (Calgary Music Centre)
Swipe TONTO (Calgary Music Centre)
Mysterio TONTO (Calgary Music Centre)
Phattastic TONTO (Calgary Music Centre)
Origani EMS Synthi 100 (Calgary Music Centre)
Dual Organ EMS Synthi 100 (Calgary Music Centre)
Wicked Wave EMS Synthi 100 (Calgary Music Centre)
Bug Zapper EMS Synthi 100 (Calgary Music Centre)
Fela's Keys EMS Synthi 100 (Calgary Music Centre)
French Pastoral EMS Synthi 100 (Calgary Music Centre)
All Stops EMS Synthi 100 (Calgary Music Centre)
Mystery Machine EMS Synthi 100 (Calgary Music Centre)
Cheap and Cheerful EMS Synthi 100 (Calgary Music Centre)
The Last Word EML 101 (Dan Goldstein)
Ring Crush EML 101 (Dan Goldstein)
My Dog Barks EML 101 (Dan Goldstein)
Hair Metal EML 101 (Dan Goldstein)
LFO Portent EML 101 (Dan Goldstein)
Warp Drive EML 101 (Dan Goldstein)
Waver and Swell EML 101 (Dan Goldstein)
Hot Square LFO EML 101 (Dan Goldstein)
Gutter Strings EML 101 (Dan Goldstein)
So Emotional Arp 2600 (Jeff Rona)
Bellish Vibrato Arp 2600 (Jeff Rona)
Interval Vibrato Arp 2600 (Jeff Rona)
Shiny and New Arp 2600 (Jeff Rona)
Droid Pluck Arp 2600 (Jeff Rona)
Sci-Vibe Arp 2600 (Jeff Rona)
Reso Pluck Arp 2600 (Jeff Rona)
Reso Sine Arp 2600 (Jeff Rona)
Big Ol' Saw Arp 2600 (Jeff Rona)
Sweet Strings 1 Custom Moog Modular (Michael Boddicker)
Sweet Strings 2 Custom Moog Modular (Michael Boddicker)
Funky Squirt Custom Moog Modular (Michael Boddicker)
All Saws Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Moving Metal Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Shrill Motion Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Jetway Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Outer Limit Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Flange Chops Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Martian Squall Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Mode Pop Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Dirty Intervals Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
HPF Buzz Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Belle Choir Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Phase Osc Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
LFO UFO 1 Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
LFO UFO 2 Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Dramatic Growl Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
More Saws Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Q A Noise Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Like A Pole Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Airy Grumble Custom Cybersound (Kurt Ader)
Slow Orbit Dotcom Modular (Paca Thomas)
Undulator Dotcom Modular (Paca Thomas)
Noisy Pulsar Dotcom Modular (Paca Thomas)
Joint Forces Dotcom Modular (Paca Thomas)
Master Blast Buchla Modular (Benge)
The Bends Buchla Modular (Benge)
Swept Up Emu Modular (Benge)
Classic Osc Emu Modular (Benge)
Mod Osc Emu Modular (Benge)
Back To Earth Serge Modular (Benge)
Subdued Dude Serge Modular (Benge)
Swarmy Serge Modular (Benge)
Buzzed Polyfusion System (Steve Porcaro)
Tubular Polyfusion System (Steve Porcaro)
Classic Tri Polyfusion System (Steve Porcaro)