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The best 808 VSTs from Native Instruments

Dive into the world of iconic 808 sounds by exploring the best VSTs from Native Instruments. Whether you're crafting hip hop, EDM, or any genre in between, the unmistakable boom of an 808 is key. Native Instruments offers a suite of plugins and expansions that bring this legendary sound right to your studio. From thunderous basses to punchy drums, there are plenty of versatile instruments to choose from.

1. Massive

Massive is more than just a heavyweight in the synth arena – it's perfect for crafting 808 bass lines that resonate with depth and clarity. Its power lies in its versatile wavetable synthesis, allowing for an extensive range of sound sculpting. This makes Massive not only a great 808 bass VST but also a tool for creating unique sounds that can set a track apart. This synth provides extensive modulation options, empowering you to shape and customize your 808s with precision. Massive’s large sound library is filled with a variety of textures and tones, making it a goldmine for anyone in search of the quintessential 808 rumble. Whether you’re producing hip hop, electronic, or any genre that demands a solid low end presence, Massive is an essential tool in your production toolkit.

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2. Massive X

As the successor to Massive, Massive X masters the art of 808 synthesis. This contender for the best 808 VST offers a plethora of new wavetable options, enabling the creation of even richer and more detailed sounds. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with sophisticated modulation possibilities, makes Massive X a top pick for crafting custom 808 tones.

From deep, sub-heavy kicks to resonating, atmospheric basses, Massive X delivers a diverse range of 808 sounds that can adapt to any musical genre. Its advanced features and versatility make it an indispensable tool for modern music production, offering an unparalleled level of control and quality.

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3. Battery 4

For 808 drums, Battery 4 stands out as a top choice. This drum sampler excels with its comprehensive library, which includes an array of high-quality 808 drum kits. Battery 4 offers detailed editing and customization of each drum sound – allowing you to manipulate 808 kicks, snares, and hats with precision.. The 808 sounds in Battery 4 provide the classic 808 thump that's essential in many genres, particularly in hip hop and electronic music.

This drum plugin has an intuitive interface and powerful features, making it a favorite among producers who seek both quality and flexibility in their 808 drum VSTs. Whether layering, tweaking, or creating from scratch, Battery 4 provides all the tools needed to craft the perfect 808 beat.

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4. Reaktor

Reaktor is a modular synth playground, ideal for crafting custom 808 sounds. This plugin stands out for its flexibility and depth, allowing you to either build your own 808 instruments from scratch or modify existing presets. The level of customization available in Reaktor is virtually limitless, making it possible to create 808 sounds that are truly one-of-a-kind.

“808” isn’t just about the classic 808 boom – Reaktor enables you to explore new textures and tones, pushing the boundaries of what an 808 can sound like. This level of creative freedom is great for producers who want to leave a personal stamp on their music, making Reaktor a must-have for those who love to experiment and innovate.

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5. TRK-01

TRK-01 combines kick and bass synthesis into one instrument. This approach makes it effective for crafting 808-style beats that are cohesive and powerful. TRK-01 melds the kick and bass into a unified sound, ensuring that the two elements work together seamlessly in the mix.

This 808 plugin offers deep sound-shaping capabilities, allowing producers to tweak every aspect of their 808. From booming kicks to punchy basses, TRK-01 provides a wide palette to work from. For those seeking a hefty 808 drum plugin that offers both flexibility and power, TRK-01 is an excellent choice.

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6. Electric Touch Expansion

The Electric Touch Expansion is a stellar option for producers aiming to add a contemporary edge to their music. This expansion pack is full of 808 sounds, meticulously tailored for modern productions. Featuring crisp, animated 808s, it's a fantastic Expansion for those who strive to blend the classic with the new. Its sounds are perfectly suited for genres that demand a cutting-edge, polished low end, such as modern pop, R&B, and electronic music.

Electric Touch not only delivers in terms of quality but also in versatility, offering a wide range of 808 tones that can be tweaked to fit any track. This Expansion's ease of use and the sheer quality of its sounds make it a go-to for producers looking to improve their signature 808 sounds.

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7. Pure Drip Expansion

The Pure Drip Expansion is perfect for crafting polished, radio-ready 808s. This expansion is particularly suited for genres like trap and hip hop, where the 808 is not just an element, but often the backbone of the track. The 808 bass VST sounds in Pure Drip are engineered to provide the substantial low end power needed in contemporary hits. The sounds range from resonating basses to crisp, striking kicks – versatile enough for various production styles. Pure Drip is designed for producers who aim for a high-quality, impactful sound that can stand out amongst the competition.

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8. Vintage Heat Expansion

The Vintage Heat Expansion provides a warm, analog take on classic 808 sounds. This expansion is a homage to the nostalgic drum sounds of the past, including the rich and characterful 808s that defined an era. The 808s in Vintage Heat are imbued with the warmth and grit of analog gear, providing interesting contrast to the pristine digital sounds often found in contemporary music. This expansion isn’t just about recreating retro sounds – it’s about reimagining them for today's music production landscape. The result is a set of 808s that feel both familiar and fresh, perfect for producers looking to blend vintage vibes with modern sounds.

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9. Motor Impact Expansion

The Motor Impact Expansion is a celebration of Detroit techno and Chicago house, featuring a selection of dynamic 808s. These sounds are tailored for producers who want to infuse their tracks with the spirit of classic dance music while embracing a contemporary aesthetic. The 808s in this pack are not just about power – they’re about groove and character, essential elements in dance music. Motor Impact delivers a range of 808 sounds that can move a dance floor, from deep, booming kicks to snappy snares and hi-hats. This expansion is a bridge between the past and the present, offering sounds that are rooted in dance music history but fully equipped to meet the demands of today’s productions.

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10. Midnight Sunset Expansion

The Midnight Sunset Expansion is great for lovers of 80s and 90s sounds, offering a range of retro-inspired 808s. This Expansion captures the essence of funk, boogie, and electro, providing nostalgic 808 drum and bass sounds. This expansion doesn’t just nod its head to the past – it also reinterprets those classic sounds in a way that’s fresh and relevant for today’s music producers. Whether you're looking to create a throwback vibe or blend old-school elements with new production techniques, Midnight Sunset provides the tools to do so with authenticity.

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11. Lazer Dice Expansion

The Lazer Dice Expansion is tailor-made for producers who are aiming for a sound that's both modern and aggressive. This expansion is renowned for its sharp 808s, ideal for genres that thrive on high-energy beats like trap, EDM, and hip hop. The 808 basses in Lazer Dice are designed to stand out in a mix, providing a solid foundation with a distinctly edgy character.

Beyond the bass, this expansion offers a plethora of synthesizer sounds – each crafted to complement the powerful 808s. Whether you're layering these sounds or using them in isolation, this Expansion provides innovative tools to create tracks. Lazer Dice’s focus on futuristic, synth-heavy sounds makes it a go-to 808 bass plugin expansion for producers looking to push the boundaries of their music.

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12. Velvet Lounge Expansion

The Velvet Lounge Expansion has smooth, soulful sounds, perfect for genres that require a touch of sophistication like R&B, soul, and downtempo. This expansion offers a range of laid-back 808 sounds, each crafted with a focus on warmth and musicality. The 808 basses in Velvet Lounge help offer a rhythmic foundation, as well as set the mood and character of a track.

This expansion is particularly adept at delivering 808s that blend seamlessly with more nuanced musical elements, making it an excellent 808 bass VST expansion for music that demands subtlety and depth. With its focus on softer, expressive 808 sounds, Velvet Lounge is the perfect tool for producers looking to add a touch of elegance to their beats.

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