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Native Instruments offers an extensive selection of the best instruments and VST plugins, ranging from classical to futuristic. With a catalog of thousands of high quality sounds and effects that can be endlessly mixed and combined, our VST plugins are perfect for composers, producers, and recording artists. No matter what sound you’re seeking, the Native Instruments VST portfolio will enhance and elevate any musical creation.


Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is a plug-in standard that simplifies digital music creation and production. This technology allows for a range of realistic-sounding musical instruments and effects that integrate easily into a digital audio workstation (DAW). VST plugins allow musicians and recording engineers to access thousands of sounds that otherwise might be difficult and expensive to obtain. VST virtual instruments include pianos, guitars, synthesizers, drums, strings, brass, woodwinds, and more.


Synths, sample Instruments, effects, and samplers

Our intuitive and easy-to-use synth VST product catalog includes wavetable, modular, granular, monophonic, and polyphonic synthesizers. Whether you’re looking for rich, cinematic sounds or unique textures and effects, our extensive selection of synthesizers will help bring your project to life.
Using VST samplers is a quick and efficient way to add drum tracks or other instruments to your music without having to spend hours adding all the elements manually. One of the best things about VST plugins is the ability to mix different sounds and effects together. There are almost endless combinations you can use to create innovative and beautiful-sounding productions. Our extensive range of effect VST plugin packs includes Bundles, Dynamics, EQ/Filter, Guitar Amps & FX, Creative Effects, and Reverb/Delay.


Obtaining a real piano can be difficult and expensive. Native Instruments’ range of VST plugin instruments makes it easier to add the beautiful sound of acoustic piano or electric keys to your tracks. With a broad library of piano sounds brimming with extraordinary textures and tones, our catalog of Piano VST plugins is sure to inspire your next creation.


Guitar VST plugin instruments can be used to create authentic-sounding rock and pop music quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking for acoustic or electric guitar sounds, the Native Instruments VST plugin portfolio covers a broad range – from country twang to hardcore heavy metal and everything in between. Our catalog includes vintage, acoustic, and electric guitars with options for either picked or strummed patterns and excellent performance control.


Bass guitars are a critical component of rhythm in many genres, and bring a balanced tone to musical compositions. That’s why we offer a versatile selection of VST Bass instruments to provide the perfect sounds for a wide range of genres.


With nearly limitless options for VST plugins, it can be difficult to find the exact solutions for the sound you’re seeking. That’s why our products are organized into different categories and instruments – so whether you’re looking for something specific like Strings, Drums, a full orchestra, cinematic sounds, or specific regional sounds from our Spotlight collection, our extensive selection of VST plugins will have you making beautiful music in no time at all.


Our plug-ins are designed with creators in mind. Aside from boasting industry-leading sound quality, they work seamlessly with a wide range of operating systems. We’re also committed to making our user experience as easy and effective as possible, and we offer support in case any problems arise when you’re downloading or installing our products. Feedback from our customers is always appreciated as we constantly strive to bring you the best VST instruments we possibly can.


Our VST plugin instruments are a great option for anyone looking to create music. Feel free to reach out to us for further guidance on how to make the most of our VST plugin packs.

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