Native Instruments’ best VST plugins

VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology, it's the plugin standard that allows virtual instruments and effects to work alongside DAWs. Nowadays VST and VST plugin are both commonly used to refer to virtual instruments and effects.

Native Instruments has a wide-ranging selection of premium VST plugins, from do-it-all Kontakt to rare instrument sample packs, and everything in between. Our tools cover the full music production process and are used by leading producers, composers, and sound designers. To get you started we’ve picked ten of our most popular and versatile options covering guitars, synths, drums, vocals, mastering, mixing, and lots more.

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1. Kontakt 7

Kontakt is a VST sampler and the industry’s leading instrument-building tool. It powers a huge range of products from both Native Instruments and our partner developers. In fact Kontakt is a gateway to the widest collection of sampled VST instruments available anywhere. Access hundreds of instruments and VST plugins from NI and other leading manufacturers, alongside thousands more from boutique developers, sound designers, and composers. The seventh generation of Kontakt offers a new resizable browser, redesigned Factory Library, fresh effects, and under-the-hood audio improvements. There’s also a free version called Kontakt Player where you can access all your purchased Kontakt instruments.

From choirs and orchestras to ultra-modern instruments and sampled synths, Kontakt brings a world of sound to your studio. If you’re just getting started in music production, dive in now and see what’s out there.

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2. Playbox

Playbox is a VST instrument pack full of samples, chord sets, effects, and presets. It’s perfect for both generating new musical ideas and adding the final layer to complete a production.

Get over 200 chord sets that can be randomized and tweaked and over 900 samples to start or finish tracks. You can even shake up your own sample libraries, by importing up to 450 of your own sounds. Whatever your style or experience, Playbox is Native Instruments’ best VST for creative experimentation, bringing one-of-a-kind results to every producer.

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3. Guitar Rig 7

Get all the guitar sounds you need with a VST plugin packed with guitar and bass amp simulators, studio effects, and pedals. Explore over 100 new rack presets, or mix and match modules to craft your own tones. Add analog warmth with four new lo-fi elements, perfect for bringing texture to any track.

Plus, Intelligent Circuit Modeling technology means Guitar Rig 7’s amps use machine learning to offer a whole new level of depth and realism. Lose yourself in jamming, producing, and experimenting, without all the gear.

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4. Massive X

Massive X is an iconic Native Instruments VST, it’s the next generation of Massive, the legendary synth plugin that played a pivotal role in shaping entire music genres. Redesigned for a new era, Massive X lets you easily manipulate wavetable position, level, and pitch within a clear, usable interface.

Massive X also comes packed with presets, from soundscapes to leads, pads, and big bass. Use them to create your own patches or just to experiment and explore the synth.
Ideal for both music producers and sound designers, this versatile VST instrument offers everything you need to create any sound imaginable. Get going with this iconic synth VST and see for yourself what’s possible.

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5. Ozone 11

Ozone is the perfect plugin for finishing your final track. It’s a widely-acclaimed mastering VST and an essential addition to your production toolkit. Ozone makes mastering easy with cutting-edge matching technology for tonal balance, width, and impact with the updated Master Assistant. Add vocals in the mix with Assistive Vocal Balance and easily tailor processing suggestions with the updated Assistant View.

Ozone 11 is a mastering plugin like no other thanks to cutting-edge processing and AI-powered workflows. Get your tracks release-ready and unlock the full potential of your productions with this indispensable VST.

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6. Vocal Colors

Add motion, dynamics, and feeling into your productions with an expressive vocal VST instrument. Vocal Colors combines a huge range of vocal samples with an innovative engine and interface. Shape and blend both male and female voices and experiment with a varied collection of vocal expressions that can be warped into evolving pads, basses, pulses, and grooves.

From cinematic compositions to modern pop, this cutting-edge VST plugin has everything you need to add realistic vocal elements to your music.

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7. RX 10

RX is the industry standard for audio repair that helps restore, clean up, and improve recordings. It’s long been trusted by professional audio engineers to quickly and reliably deliver clean sound and the new version brings a whole host of new features. If you’re new to audio repair, the Repair Assistant plugin uses machine learning to find and fix audio issues quickly without leaving your DAW. Repair Assistant automatically recognizes problems and intelligently defines an audio repair chain that you can modify to your liking with easy-to-use dials.

Finally, RX 10 comes loaded with advanced new features like Text Navigation function, Spectral Recovery, Multiple Speaker Detection, De-hum Dynamic Adaptive Mode, and much more.

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8. Nectar 4

Take your tracks to the next level with easy-to-use professional vocal mixing software. Nectar is a complete VST plugin for mixing, producing, and designing vocals, including Melodyne 5 essential, a GRAMMY-award winning pitch and time correction tool. Create layers with up to eight voices thanks to the Voices module. Shift your vocals to eight different styles, controlling pitch, and tone and add virtual background singers thanks to the Backer module. Adjust sound with the help of Vocal Assistant, including a vocal EQ plugin, and vocal reverb plugin. Plus, tone-match any voice reference with intelligent Audiolens.

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9. Komplete 14

Looking to expand your music production toolkit? Get a huge selection of Native Instruments VST plugins with a collection that brings together all of our best VST instruments and effects. From leading synths and sample libraries to powerful effects and over 137,000 sounds, Komplete 14 covers all your music production needs, at a hugely reduced price.

The VST package includes Kontakt 7 and Reaktor 6 platforms, synths such as Massive X and FM8, 9 percussion tools for beats, and expertly recorded sample libraries covering a huge range of instruments. 19 effects plugins cover all your processing needs, from EQ and compression through to wilder sound-shaping. And dozens of Expansions give you samples, loops, presets packs, and one-shots for whatever genre you need.

Get inspired, find your flow, and get pro-sounding results.

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10. Komplete Now

If you want to size-up your studio but prefer a subscription to a one-off payment, Komplete Now is for you. Get your hands on our most sought-after production tools with an ever-updating flow of new VST instruments and plugins. Explore synths, vocals, hip hop samples, drums, effects, and everything in-between with acclaimed VSTs like Massive X, Battery, Playbox, Duets, Feel It, Studio Drummer, and loads more. We are constantly adding new VST instruments, effects, and sample libraries. And you can also end your subscription anytime, giving you total flexibility.

Sign-up now and you can try it free for an entire month.

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Whatever your style or musical interests, there are thousands more VST plugins to discover on the Native Instruments site covering the full spectrum of music production, composition, and sound design. Plus you can get in depth product walkthroughs and tutorials on our blog and connect with other NI users in our online community.

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