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Welcome to the TRAKTOR DJ 2 Quickstart Guide.

You will learn the essential workflows for browsing, matching, syncing, and mixing two tracks using TRAKTOR DJ 2 on iPad. Choose your learning goal below, or spend some time reading through this guide.

Browsing Demo Tracks

Choose one of the curated demo tracks from either the Berlin or Los Angeles playlist by Native Instruments.

First, tap the browser icon to make demo tracks appear. Browse through the tracks, and choose one to start with. For example, Deep Matter – Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

Playing a Track

Tap on the track you want to play and then tap the deck on the left side. Your track is analyzed and then ready to play. Tap PLAY to hear your track.
Now sweep the crossfader to the far left to prepare for the next song on the other deck. This makes only the deck with a track playing audible.

Matching a second track

The Match feature helps you to choose the second track by analyzing both its tempo and key. The track at the top of the list is the best match.

Tap on the Match icon to get recommendations for your next track. Choose one of the tracks that appear on the list and tap it to load it to the right-hand deck. Wait for the track to be analyzed and tap play.

Syncing two Tracks

Time to blend your tracks. You should now have two tracks playing, and be able to see their waveforms scroll. Your tracks are automatically synced – this is indicated by the green SYNC button on each deck.

Now you’re ready to make both of your tracks audible. Just bring the crossfader first to the middle, and then all the way to the right – your first mix is done!

Choosing Tracks from iTunes

Tap the browser view icon on top and then the iTunes icon on the left. Tracks you have previously downloaded to your iPad will appear.

Choosing Tracks from Soundcloud

Stream using your Soundcloud Go+ account. Tap the browser view icon on top and then the Soundcloud icon on the left.

Next Steps

Now you’re good to go and explore the rest of the app yourself. Either try one of the filters, loop a few beats or just carry on with the mix.

Watch our walkthrough videos to take a closer look at the different layouts, EQ, Freeze Mode, and lots more.