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Reviews of ALICIA'S KEYS


"Alicia's Keys can be considered the ideal piano for pop and rock as well as some jazz and fusion styles: it sounds dynamic and clear, and has an authentic personality and a very particular attack.", FR, 04/2011


"Alicia's Keys delivers an excellently produced piano sound, with plenty of tone and behaviour-shaping flexibility."
Computer Music, UK, 07/2010


"If you're looking for a realistic, expressive and pleasurable piano, invest in Alicia's Keys."
Micro Mart, UK, 01/2011


"For pianists who are Keys fans and want to really play her instrument, this is a must-have. Other pianists who want to make recordings on a quality virtual instrument will also be pleased with what they can produce with this palette of sounds.", US, 02/2011


"Alicia's Keys really does invite an emotional response. If you're that kind of composer or songwriter, the inspiration factor alone — especially for the price — is more than enough to earn it a home on your hard drive."
Keyboard, US, 06/2010


"You won't find a more convincing and hassle-free piano solution for the price that has so much skill gone into making it, and you'll never have to search for that perfect piano sound again. Whether it's just a few chords you're using or some live freestyle stuff, it's a must for anyone who loves the keys.", UK, 05/2010


"Given the affordability and attention to detail delivered by Alicia's Keys, we'd wholeheartedly recommend the product, both for first-time users and for aynone looking to expand an existing set of virtual piano sounds."
Music Tech, UK, 09/2010


"The sound in this library really gives something different when compared to other libraries on the market. I can instantly find use for it in an urban/electronic setting, without much tweaking needed, as it’s organic and smooth…it just slides right in.", US, 08/2010
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