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Electric guitar VST

Get strumming, plucking, or picking right away with a wide range of electric guitar VST plugins.

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Access hundreds of patterns, riffs, and arpeggios, with excellent performance control to create tailor-made musical compositions quickly and easily.


An extremely versatile plugin providing the iconic sound of a vintage 1950s six-string guitar for a wide range of musical genres.

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154 strumming patterns for rich and warm contemporary sounds allowing practically infinite combinations of chord variations, picked arpeggios, and genuine riffs.

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Create your own melodies and patterns with enhanced picking and strumming patterns. Includes a range of additional features such as pedals, amplifier models, and cabinets, as well as two vintage compressors.

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Our KOMPLETE bundles offer these VSTs in combination with our other top-of-the-line instruments, including electric bass guitar and synth VSTs, which are especially useful if you are looking for guitar VSTs for heavy metal.

KOMPLETE bundles also include an extensive library of presets categorized into different musical genres including:

  • Country
  • Pop
  • Hip-hop
  • Rock
  • Metal

Whether you are looking for a specific electric or metal guitar VST, or are looking to explore other instruments and sounds, Native Instruments offers an extensive product catalog to fit your needs.

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Electric guitar instruments

Discover the best authentic electric guitar VST sounds meticulously recorded by professional guitarists. A well-rounded selection of instruments were recorded at higher and lower fret positions and with various articulations. Create an endless combination of chords and rhythms and craft compelling compositions–from timeless 1950s vintage guitar sounds to cutting-edge modern electric guitar riffs.

Electric Vintage plugin

Our SESSION GUITARIST – ELECTRIC VINTAGE plugin provides the iconic sound of a vintage 1950s six-string guitar. The distinctive and unmistakable twang of the vintage guitar seamlessly fits with genres from pop and rock to funk and hip hop. Choose from over 230 strummed and picked patterns, riffs, reverse patterns and more. Modify any of the 46 sound presets using amps, soundboxes, and studio effects for a unique sound.

Electric Sunburst

For a more contemporary sound, SESSION GUITARIST – ELECTRIC SUNBURST plugin offers 154 strumming patterns.

Let your creativity run wild with limitless combinations of chord variations, picked arpeggios, and genuine riffs. A wide range of fret positions, including open, muted and flageolet articulations allows for a wide variety of tones and maximum flexibility.

Additional features include real-time performance control, high-end cables, vintage tube preamps and high-resolution converters to provide authentic sounding results.

Electric Sunburst Deluxe

SESSION GUITARIST – ELECTRIC SUNBURST DELUXE is an extension of our original Electric Sunburst plugin. Access an expanded library of sounds, enhanced picking and strumming patterns, as well as an additional melodic instrument.

Customize and create your own melodies and patterns with this virtual electric guitar VST. Additional features include pedals, amplifier models, and cabinets. Our guitar VST also has two vintage compressors which are ideal for creating heavier and metal sounds.

With enhanced performance controls including real-time bending and vibrato controls, it is even easier to combine sounds and effects to make unique musical arrangements.

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Our KONTAKT 7 and free KONTAKT 7 Player both run the entire portfolio of KOMPLETE VST instruments. Additionally, our KOMPLETE START production suite offers a selection of some of our best free VST electric guitar plugins.
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