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Native Instruments offers a wide range of electric guitar VST plugins to choose from. With access to hundreds of patterns, riffs and arpeggios, and expressive performance control, you can quickly and easily create tailor-made guitar productions. Our collection of realistic sounding electric guitar VST plugins are recorded on carefully selected instruments that offer high-quality and authentic-sounding strummed and picked patterns. From a vintage 1950s electric guitar to the warm classic sounds of a modern electric guitar, our portfolio of electric guitar VST plugins offers perfectly captured patterns for a broad range of musical genres.

Furthermore, our KOMPLETE bundles offer these VSTs in combination with our other top of the line instruments, including electric bass guitar and synth VSTs, which are especially useful if you are looking for guitar VSTs for heavy metal music. As the world’s leading production suite, our KOMPLETE bundles also include an extensive library categorized into different musical genres like country, pop, hip-hop, rock, and metal guitar VST presets, so it’s easy to find the exact sound and instrument you need. Whether you’re looking for a specific electric guitar VST, or looking to explore other instruments and sounds, Native Instruments offers an extensive product catalogue to fit your needs.



Each of our electric guitar VST plugins were recorded in-studio by professional session guitarists to ensure the best authentic VST electric guitar sounds. And each of the instruments were specifically chosen to provide a well-rounded selection of options, recorded at higher and lower fret positions and with different articulations to provide an almost endless combination of chords and rhythms. So, whether you’re seeking the sound of a 1950s vintage guitar, or the contemporary riffs of a modern electric guitar, our library of electric guitar VSTs will have you creating powerful compositions in no time at all.

With over 230 strummed and picked patterns, as well as riffs, glissandos, tremolos, dead notes and more, Native Instruments SESSION GUITARIST – ELECTRIC VINTAGE plugin provides the iconic sound of a vintage 1950s 6-string guitar. With virtually unlimited combinations, the distinctive and unmistakable twang of this vintage guitar is suited to a wide range of musical genres – from pop and rock to funk and hip hop — which makes this unique electric guitar VST extremely versatile.

Our SESSION GUITARIST – ELECTRIC SUNBURST plugin offers a more contemporary sound. The 154 strumming patterns have been perfectly captured with a rich and warm sound, and allow for practically endless combinations of chord variations, picked arpeggios, and genuine riffs. Additionally, thousands of loops, single notes and noises were sampled across a wide range of fret positions, as well as in open, muted and flageolet articulations, which allows for a wide variety of tones with maximum flexibility. With real-time performance control, the high-quality electric guitar VST features high-end cables, vintage tube preamps, and high-resolution converters to provide authentic sounding results.

Building on the original Electric Sunburst plugin, the SESSION GUITARIST – ELECTRIC SUNBURST DELUXE offers an expanded library of sounds, enhanced picking and strumming patterns, and an additional melodic instrument. This second instrument is completely customizable and allows you to create your own melodies and patterns. This virtual electric guitar VST also includes a range of additional features such as pedals, amplifier models, and cabinets, as well as two vintage compressors, making it a great metal guitar VST instrument. On top of all these features, the ELECTRIC SUNBURST DELUXE plugin also offers enhanced performance controls including real-time bending and vibrato controls, which makes it easier than ever to combine sounds and effects for unique musical arrangements.

Our entire portfolio of KOMPLETE VST instruments seamlessly integrates with our KONTAKT 6 and free KONTAKT 6 Player.



Explore a range of sounds perfect for Blues, Rock, Metal, Jazz and more with our selection of VST electric guitars.

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