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Des textures, des nappes et des leads de synthé pour des mélodies R&B envoûtantes, avec des claviers expressifs, des synthés luxuriants et des presets de basse variés.
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Combining powerful music production software with studio-quality samples and cutting-edge hardware, Native Instruments has everything you need for your audio-production workflow, as well as tools for music production. Industry-standard DAW plugins and standalone software let you shape any track, from hip-hop beats to cinematic scores, exactly the way you want.

Whether you’re playing in the club or juggling beats in your bedroom, Native Instruments also offers the latest digital DJing equipment with TRAKTOR software — which integrates seamlessly with controllers, mixers, and audio interfaces for the most streamlined experience possible.


Gone are the days where you once needed a suite of expensive instruments and a studio stacked to the ceiling with gear to produce pro audio: Native Instruments VST synths and VSTi software deliver professional-grade sound in an entirely virtual package. This ensures pro results for any level of music production — from bedroom beatmakers using completely free tools to pro studios crafting Hollywood scores.



Native Instruments offers a variety of production packs perfect for any level and use case — but for the most comprehensive package, producers look to KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD, the world’s leading production suite. With more than 43,000 sounds and 87 instruments, as well as some of Native Instruments’ most iconic software, KOMPLETE 14 is perfect for any producer.


For those looking to expand, there is also KOMPLETE 14 ULTIMATE, with 140 instruments and more than 84,000 sounds, as well as KOMPLETE 14 COLLECTOR'S EDITION, which bundles more than 141,000 sounds, 148 instruments, and Native Instruments flagship software download for the most complete production suite possible.


For something a little bit simpler, KOMPLETE 14 SELECT offers the essentials of the production suite in a more economical package. Or, if you like to pick and choose your production tools, you can get Native Instruments’ synths, samplers, effects, instruments, and more as standalone products.



MASCHINE is Native Instruments’ answer to all of your music production hardware needs. With a range of next-generation controllers ideal for studio production or live performances, the KOMPLETE KONTROL range offers hardware for every level from beginner micro-controllers to limited edition smart keyboards.



The shift to digital djing — in no small way driven by TRAKTOR — has meant a dramatic shift in the sounds and skills of DJs across the world. Giving anyone with a laptop and some tunes the ability to mix has opened the art form to explore new spaces.



Native Instruments DJing software, TRAKTOR, is available as a free limited app to get you started, as a lite version bundled with other products, and as an industry-leading professional 4-deck DJ software package in the form of TRAKTOR PRO 3.


With almost 20 years of development, TRAKTOR is built to stand up to any challenge – whether that’s playing local bars or some of the biggest stages in the world. TRAKTOR PRO 3 offers professional audio and innovative features, giving the highest level of control and best sound quality possible.



Digital DJing doesn’t mean keeping everything virtual. Tactile feedback, dedicated controls, and the fun of hitting buttons and twiddling knobs make Native Instruments DJing Hardware a vital part of many mixing setups.


TRAKTOR hardware offers everything from full 4-track controllers to simple 2-channel mixers, audio interfaces, and the latest in digital vinyl. All of the TRAKTOR DJ equipment from Native Instruments integrates seamlessly with TRAKTOR PRO 3 software, making professional setups as simple as plug-and-play.



Collaborations have long been a part of Native Instruments, and now NI Partner Products offer an even wider range of music production tools, instruments, and sounds. Bring your project into new dimensions, with one-off samples and unique recordings from partners around the world.

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