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Notre bundle de production le plus complet jamais proposé – avec des outils spécialisés pour les compositeurs(trices) et les designers sonores professionnels(les).
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Whether you’re blazing trails through the most forward-thinking electronica or simply looking to refresh your studio with the latest aural tech, our new VSTs and plugins are at the cutting edge of sound design, bringing you industry leading products that define the next chapter in musical creativity the world over.

Discover brand new sound packs from leading musicians and producers, innovative new VSTs designed to push the envelope on sound creation and design, and new plugins that sculpt and shape your creations so they’re ready to inspire the world. Whether you need inspiring instruments, professional-grade EQs and studio effects, or fresh new samples, you’ll find them all here.

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is constantly working to develop and grow your sonic palate, regularly releasing updates and additions for KOMPLETE, TRAKTOR, MASCHINE, and more. Additionally, our selection of new VSTs can be used as standalone instruments and effects to complete your studio set up and help you work towards those elusive sonic textures you’ve been searching for.

Explore our range of new VSTs and plugins and start dreaming of your next new track or composition—Native Instruments has everything you need for that next big sound!

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