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Welcome to DUETS


Welcome to the Play Series DUETS online manual. Read this user guide and learn about the main controls and workflows to get started making music.

As part of the KONTAKT Play Series of instruments, DUETS brings a lush blend of multisample vocals, keys, and synths for hip hop, R&B and pop music. In 151 presets, DUETS shines with riff and run toplines, single key harmonic progressions and individual control over different words for musical storytelling. From the same family as GLAZE and HYBRID KEYS, DUETS was built in collaboration with legendary engineers Curtis “Sauce” Wilson and Rochad Holiday. Including soaring leads, gritty basses and breathy pads, DUETS has everything to build your next hit from scratch or add the perfect finishing touches.

Further warmth and character can be quickly dialed in with modulation effects like tape saturation, phasers, and flangers. The addition of tailored effects chains, including amps, cabinets, reverbs, and delays allows for a diverse range of melodic sounds that can be sculpted and blended using the carefully assigned macro controls. Macros differ between presets and provide tailored control over the respective preset sound.

In this user manual, you will learn about the main controls and workflows to get started making music.

We hope you enjoy this instrument!


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