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MIDI Learn


Use Kontakt's MIDI Learn function to assign any slider or knob to a MIDI device.

Kontakt features a MIDI Learn function for all sliders and knobs. This allows you to assign parameters to a MIDI device and access them via MIDI, as well as the interface.

Assigning MIDI Controllers

To assign any of Kontakt’s sliders or knobs to a MIDI controller:

  1. Right-click the knob or slider you want to assign.

  2. Select Learn MIDI CC# Automation.

  3. Turn the knob or move the slider on the MIDI device.

    The control detects the movement instantly and the parameter is assigned to the MIDI controller.

Multiple MIDI controllers (CC#s) can be added to the same Kontakt knob. You can also assign multiple knobs or sliders to the same MIDI controller.


If you cannot assign MIDI controllers using this method, refer to the Automation Tab for an alternative assignment method.

Removing MIDI Controller Assignments

To remove a MIDI controller assignment:

  1. Right-click the knob or slider from which you will remove MIDI assignments.

  2. Select Remove MIDI Automation: CC#.

    The MIDI controller assignment is removed.