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Welcome to Kontakt


Welcome to the Kontakt online user manual. Learn how to use the key controls and workflows to start making music with Native Instruments' leading sampling engine.

Welcome to Kontakt 7. We are excited to share the next milestone in our flagship sampling engine. Kontakt allows you to play back and process audio samples — but this does not begin to convey the full range of its capabilities. You can use Kontakt to create sophisticated sample-based virtual instruments, process their audio signals with powerful DSP structures, build complex performance setups with extensive modulation routing, and gain access to a vast range of creative third-party sample libraries.

We hope that this manual will provide you with all the information you need to start exploring and creating with Kontakt.


The following features have been added or improved in Kontakt 7.8:

  • ADDED: New effects: EP Preamps, Fuzz, Big Fuzz, Stereo Tune

  • ADDED: Option for double click Preset loading behavior ("Loading → Files, Libraries, Quick-Load: Double-clicking a file replaces currently selected instrument slot")

  • IMPROVED: Loading speed when switching between snapshots of an actively loaded Instrument, when initiated from Library Browser

  • IMPROVED: Increased the font size in Instrument Navigator

  • IMPROVED: Instrument focus indicator (orange strip on the left of instrument header) is now only visible in Rack View

  • IMPROVED: Use the resizer from Library Browser all across Kontakt

  • IMPROVED: Kontakt now supports “Open with…” OS behaviors with samples, creating an instrument that has the specified sample mapped

  • FIXED: Crash when Kontrol mk3 Hardware Connection Service not installed on macOS

  • FIXED: Crash when playing a note after changing the output configuration with an already loaded Preset

  • FIXED: Replika delay in Diffusion mode would not output sound when note duration was shorter than delay time

  • FIXED: Visual glitches when resizing Kontakt’s window across multiple displays

  • FIXED: Replika delay not recalling delay time values correctly when loading snapshots that switch to Tape, Analogue and Vintage styles

  • FIXED: CPU overloads during tempo ramps when Replika delay is bypassed

  • REMOVED: Several entries in Options, which are now permanently enabled

    • "Interface → Show mapping and keyswitches on virtual keyboard"

    • "Interface → Auto-refresh Files browser"

    • "Handling → Files browser: Double click audio file loads instrument"