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Welcome to KONTAKT


Welcome to the KONTAKT online user manual. Learn how to use the key controls and workflows to start making music with Native Instruments' leading sampling engine.

Welcome to KONTAKT 7. We are excited to share the next milestone in our flagship sampling engine. KONTAKT allows you to play back and process audio samples — but this does not begin to convey the full range of its capabilities. You can use KONTAKT to create sophisticated sample-based virtual instruments, process their audio signals with powerful DSP structures, build complex performance setups with extensive modulation routing, and gain access to a vast range of creative third-party sample libraries.

We hope that this manual will provide you with all the information you need to start exploring and creating with KONTAKT.


The following features have been added or improved in KONTAKT 7.6:

  • ADDED: Kontakt can now be used directly with KONTROL Mk3 keyboards

  • CHANGED: Options → Loading → "Ask for confirmation when loading or replacing modified instruments" is now set to off for all users

  • CHANGED: Options → Handling → "MIDI channel assignment for loaded patches" option is now set to "Assign to omni" for all users

  • CHANGED: Options → Interface → both “Suppress drawing” options are now found in Mapping Editor’s Edit → Display options

  • CHANGED: It is now possible to focus on an empty instrument slot even in Single view

  • IMPROVED: Per instance persistence of the Kontakt GUI state, which includes the layout (e.g. visibility of keyboard, info bar, side pane), zoom settings and full-screen browser

  • IMPROVED: Loading an Instrument from full-screen browser now replaces the focused Instrument instead of adding it to the rack

  • IMPROVED: Quick-Load menus in the top left of the instrument header now tells the user if Quick-Load is empty

  • ADDED: 20 new Form shapes for the Wavetable source module

  • ADDED: Vibrato/Chorus and Wow/Flutter factory presets from Guitar Rig 7

  • FIXED: Kontakt would not respect offline rendering mode flag sent from host with the VST3 target

  • FIXED: S1200 and MP60 sampler modes did not work

  • FIXED: Typing a value for the Rate parameter of Vibrato/Chorus did not work correctly

  • ADDED KSP: NKS2 parameters and navigation can be defined with KSP commands

  • ADDED KSP: New control parameter, $CONTROL_PAR_TYPE, which returns the type of UI widget belonging to a specific UI ID

  • ADDED KSP: New control parameter, $CONTROL_PAR_CUSTOM_ID, which allows assigning a custom value to each UI widget

  • ADDED KSP: New internal constant, $NI_UI_ID, which returns the UI ID of the widget that executed the UI callback

  • ADDED KSP: $EVENT_PAR_MIDI_CHANNEL can now be set for events in instrument scripts

  • ADDED KSP: Engine parameter for Raum Predelay tempo sync ($ENGINE_PAR_RAUM_PREDELAY_UNIT)

  • FIXED KSP: Twin Delay Predelay tempo sync, Cross and Width engine parameters did not work correctly

  • FIXED KSP: $EVENT_PAR_MOD_VALUE_(EX_)ID getter now works properly when there is an active voice attached to the specifie d event ID

  • FIXED KSP: Incorrect wording in script warning for get_group_idx() command