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Welcome to KONTAKT


Welcome to the KONTAKT online user manual. Learn how to use the key controls and workflows to start making music with Native Instruments' leading sampling engine.

Welcome to KONTAKT 7. We are excited to share the next milestone in our flagship sampling engine. KONTAKT allows you to play back and process audio samples — but this does not begin to convey the full range of its capabilities. You can use KONTAKT to create sophisticated sample-based virtual instruments, process their audio signals with powerful DSP structures, build complex performance setups with extensive modulation routing, and gain access to a vast range of creative third-party sample libraries.

We hope that this manual will provide you with all the information you need to start exploring and creating with KONTAKT.


What's New in KONTAKT 7

The following features have been added and improved in KONTAKT:

New Features

  • Factory Library: The Factory Library has been redesigned and features seven new Collections of instruments, fresh sounds, effects, added functionality and a HiDPI interface. Refer to the Kontakt Factory Library Manual.

  • Library Browser: New Library Browser with advance filtering and tagging options. Refer to Browser and Presets.

  • Two Effects: New PsycheDelay and Ring Modulator effects. Refer to PsycheDelay and Ring Modulator.

Improved Features

  • HiDPI: KONTAKT is now HiDPI. To learn more, visit our FAQ.

  • Improved Engine: Updated time stretching algorithm.

  • Updated Side Pane: The Database tab has been removed, its function replaced with the new Library Browser. The Expert tab has been renamed to Monitor tab. Refer to Monitor Tab.

  • Creator Tools: Instrument developers now have access to Creator Tools, a standalone application suite consisting of a Debugger, an Instrument Editor, and a GUI Designer. Refer to the Creator Tools Manual.