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Installation and Setup


Learn how to install KONTAKT PLAYER and KONTAKT instruments via Native Access and add third-party libraries.

Before you can make music with KONTAKT PLAYER, you must first download the necessary software from Native Access, install KONTAKT PLAYER and Instruments, then setup your Libraries. Follow these instructions to get started:


Native Access is where you will install the software for KONTAKT PLAYER and its related instruments. If you are new to Native Instruments, you must create your Native ID account which is linked to your products.

Native Access

If you are new to Native Instruments, you will first need to download Native Access and make a Native ID account.

  1. Download and install Native Access here.

  2. Open Native Access and create your Native ID.

  3. Login to Native Access.

  4. Click the Not installed tab.

  5. Click INSTALL for the following products:

    • Kontakt 7 Player

    • Kontkat Factory Selection

    The software is installed automatically.


If the software is already installed, click the Available updates tab and check for new updates before proceeding.


Native Instruments' produces a range of instruments for KONTAKT PLAYER, which are also activated and installed via Native Access. Nine Sampled-based Instruments for KONTAKT PLAYER are offered as part of the free KOMPLETE START bundle. For information on how to download this bundle, refer to KOMPLETE START.


To learn more about Native Access, visit our support page here.

Adding Third-Party Libraries

KONTAKT PLAYER allows you to add third-party Libraries to the Browser. To find out if your Library is Powered by KONTAKT, check the third-party manufacturer's product page or see Third-party Sample Libraries.


Third-party KONTAKT PLAYER Libraries that do not have a serial number cannot be added to KONTAKT PLAYER's Library Browser. For more information, refer to The Quick-Load Catalog.The Quick-Load Catalog

Setting Up a New Third-Party KONTAKT PLAYER Library

To set up a new-third party KONTAKT PLAYER Library:

  1. Download and unzip the third-party KONTAKT PLAYER Library.

  2. Launch Native Access and login using your Native ID.

  3. In the Available updates tab, install the latest update of KONTAKT PLAYER if available.

  4. Click Add a serial.

  5. Enter the serial number of your third-party Library and click ADD SERIAL.

  6. Click the BROWSE button.

  7. Navigate to the third-party Library folder and confirm your selection by clicking Select Folder.

  8. Click INSTALL to finish the set up process.

  9. Open KONTAKT PLAYER and select the Libraries tab in the Browser.

    The third-party Library will now appear in the Libraries Tab


Click Manage Libraries to hide or show your libraries.