The LO-FI GLOW Browser contains a collection of 125 custom sounds that were produced using analog gear, hybrid sound sources, resampling and high-end processing.

Use the Browser to experiment with new sound combinations and customize your own presets by searching and loading different sound sources for layers A and B. Access the Browser by clicking the Browser icon (magnifying glass) in the Sound or Settings view, or via the waveform display in the Main view.

Browser Overview

The Browser contains the following features and controls:

  1. Layer Selection: Selects the layer of the current Snapshot. Click the letter A or B to switch between each layer. Once a layer is selected, you can browse and load a different sound for that layer.

  2. Sound Sources: Lists the sound sources that are available for each layer. Click a sound source to select it for the current layer. Double-click a sound source to load it and close the Browser. The letter A or B next to the name of a sound source indicates that it is currently selected for that layer.

  3. Pages: Provides access to the different pages of the Browser. Click the dot symbols to open the corresponding page of sound sources, or use the arrow icons (<>) to browse through each page.

  4. Exit (X icon): Closes the Browser and returns to the Main view.