Welcome to LO-FI GLOW


Welcome to the Play Series LO-FI GLOW online manual. Read this user guide and learn how to make hazy, lo-fi hip hop, house, and modern soul in KONTAKT.

As part of the Play Series of instruments, LO-FI GLOW captures the hazy warmth of genres like lo-fi hip hop, lo-fi house, and modern soul, with highly-musical sounds full of low-fidelity charm.

LO-FI GLOW aims to balance intuitive, performance-focused control with nuanced sound design. The macros offer quick and dynamic control over the synth engine, enabling you to effortlessly shape presets and customise your own sounds. For those who wish to go deeper in sound design, you will find powerful sound editing tools and custom effects chains that offer further control and inspiration. LO-FI GLOW also contains an analog-style sequencer that can produce chords, arpeggios and melodic, rhythmical patterns. Ultimately, these tools aim to empower you in your own sound creation!


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