Global Controls and Freeze


The central section in RAUM defines its basic behavior. Here you can choose from three unique reverb algorithms and activate the Freeze function.

The controls grouped in the center of the plug-in define the basic behavior of the effect. Here you can choose from three unique reverb algorithms that cover a vast range of reverb sounds. The global Mix and dedicated Reverb amount allow you to adjust the strength of the effect, while the special Freeze function opens up new ways to interact with the effect for creative sound design.

By activating the Freeze function (snowflake icon), you can create infinite washes of reverb. The function holds the reverb's sound content for as long as it is activated, effectively turning RAUM into a sound generator. Playing the function live or automating it allows you to grab different pieces of sound and use them as sonic ambience or for rhythmic effects, depending on how you play or automate it.


When the Freeze function is activated, only Size has an effect on the sound. To indicate this, the other reverb controls are greyed out. It is still possible to make adjustments, however they will only take effect once the Freeze function is deactivated.

The global controls consist of the following parameters and and settings:

  1. Reverb algorithm: Selects one of three different reverb algorithms, from rooms (Grounded), to halls (Airy), to abstract spaces (Cosmic). For more information, refer to Reverb Algorithms.

  2. Mix lock: Locks the Mix control to the currently set value when switching presets.

  3. Mix: Blends between the input signal and the effect signal by means of an equal-power crossfade.

  4. Reverb: Adjusts the amount of reverb added to the effect signal.

  5. Freeze: Holds the reverb's sound content for as long as the function is activated. The Freeze function is available for the Grounded and Airy algorithms. Switching is optimized for smooth transitions without clicks, and you can still use the Size control to manipulate the sound. This makes the Freeze function an excellent tool for live performance and automation.