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Welcome to the RAUM manual. Read this user guide and learn how to use RAUM in your DAW to create a vast range of reverb effects, from tight ambiences to otherworldly soundscapes.

RAUM is a unique reverb effect that is used as a plug-in in your DAW. Its three reverb algorithms are optimized for a vast range of reverb sounds, from tight ambiences to otherworldly soundscapes. Therefore, you can use RAUM as a subtle mixing tool but also for creative sound design.

The predelay section includes a carefully tuned feedback function that opens the plug-in up to uses as an echo, a resonator, and even a basic looper. Combined with the reverb algorithms, this allows you to explore spatial effects that go beyond the scope of common reverb plug-ins. Further adding to RAUM's deep sound design capabilities, the Freeze function holds the sound content of the reverb infinitely, which turns the effect into a sound generator in its own right.

All controls are designed to provide smooth operation and a high level of playability, with a focus on sweet spots and meaningful interactions between parameters. For this reason, RAUM excels when used with heavy automation and as part of live performances. Its flexibility and playability allow you to explore reverb in a fun and exciting way.


Learn more about RAUM, its development, and reverb effects in general here: Interview about RAUM.


The RAUM plug-in

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