RETRO MACHINES MK2 contains a classic subtractive synth engine combined with a vintage arpeggiator and chord player.

The RETRO MACHINES MK2 interface is divided into three pages; Synth, Arp/Chord, and Settings accessed using the colored buttons at the top of the instrument.

The interface contains the following pages:

  1. SYNTH page: Provides consistent control of parameters, whichever vintage instrument you're currently using. Each preset captures the character sound of the original instruments, with eight integrated sound variations. These variations are production-ready synthesizer sounds, a specific combination of Oscillator, Filter, Amp, and other settings. Your tweaks can be saved within each Sound Variation, and you can use the Morph slider to shift between variations for dynamic sound. All presets share the same user interface with only minor differences in the control elements; for example, one instrument might have a reverb and echo effect, and another reverb and a phaser effect. For more information, refer to Synth Page.

  2. ARP/CHORD page: Provides an analog-style arpeggiator. The arpeggiator can either synchronize to your host tempo or play at its own rate. Depending on your preference, it can also be combined with the Chord Player. For more information, refer to Arpeggiator and Chord Page.

  3. SETTINGS page: Allows you to configure how your MIDI keyboard's controls (or the KONTAKT on-screen keyboard's controls) affect the instrument's sound. For more information, refer to Settings.