Learn about the two different NKS instruments in STRADIVARI CELLO.

Once installed, you will find STRADIVARI CELLO comes with two NKI instruments. Click the Instruments banner to show the STRADIVARI CELLO NKIs. Load the desired NKI on your KONTAKT or KONTAKT PLAYER browser by double-clicking the NKI.


Multi-microphone and standard stereo version of STRADIVARI CELLO as seen in KONTAKT instrument browser.

  • Stradivari Cello Multi Mic: Use the multi-microphone version to control and fine-tune the balance between different microphone positions and mixes, as well as the Room Noise of the recording space. For more information on the Mixer page and Room Noise controls, refer to Mixer.

  • Stradivari Cello: The standard stereo NKI includes only a stereo mix of the cello. The stereo version is ideal for saving computer resources and sketching ideas quickly without the need to adjust the balance between microphone mixes.


The only visible difference between the multi-microphone and stereo NKI interfaces is the mixer tool, which is not available in the stereo version.

Key Features

STRADIVARI CELLO contains the following key features:

Chromatic Sampling

Unlike most other virtual string instruments which often rely on samples of only every other note of the instrument, STRADIVARI CELLO features chromatic sampling, meaning that every single note of the instrument is a true recording. All playing styles and articulations have been sampled chromatically, and therefore are playable with unparalleled realism without the need to stretch notes in between.

Phase-aligned Stereo Samples

STRADIVARI CELLO's phase-aligned stereo sampling technology allows you to produce natural, vivid cello performances. Seamless, phase-aligned velocity crossfades on long articulations eliminate phasing when transitioning between dynamic layers.

Performance-Captured Vibrato

One of STRADIVARI CELLO’s highlights are the real-life vibrato performances performed by the best virtuosi. The captured performances are re-applied into the sampled content, allowing you to produce highly authentic and dynamic vibrato performances. In many other virtual string instruments the vibrato has been included within the sample, and therefore it can only be turned on or off. STRADIVARI CELLO allows you to control vibrato depth and speed dynamically, allowing for dynamic and realistic vibrato performances.

A Comprehensive Range of Articulations

Utilize 20 different articulations that are divided into Long, Short, Expressive, Dynamic, Special and Adaptive articulations. In addition, three different legato transitions can be found within the articulation controls. The Virtuoso articulation intelligently combines multiple articulations depending on the velocity, note and pitch bend information you generate through your MIDI controller performance.

Intelligent Fingerboard Positioning

Dial in the perfect timbre for long articulations. Choose the Low String fingerboard position for a soft, mellow tone or the High String position for a brighter, more vibrant sound. Or opt for the Smart position, which intelligently selects the closest fingerboard position to the other notes played, as a real cellist would.

Multiple Microphones and Blendable Microphone Positions

A multi-microphone version of the instrument provides mix faders that let you adjust three separate mixdowns of the 32 microphones. Mix close, mid, and far mic positions. An included second version of STRADIVARI CELLO provides a stereo-only mix that’s lighter on your CPU and RAM for a speedier workflow and extra focus when composing.

The Characteristics of a Perfect Room

STRADIVARI CELLO was recorded in Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi, in Cremona, Italy. This special performance space is part of Italy’s violin museum. The hall has been specifically designed with these precious instruments in mind. Blend in the noise floor captured in the Auditorium to place your Stradivari in the perfect acoustic space.