Learn how to use the Perform page in STRADIVARI CELLO to setup seamless and natural-sounding transitions, crossfades, dynamic layers and velocities.

STRADIVARI CELLO's state-of-the-art dynamic performance feature and stereo phase-aligned samples allow for seamless and natural-sounding transitions and crossfading between notes, dynamic layers and velocities.

The Performance page contains the following settings and controls:

  1. DYNAMICS: Provides a range of controls relating to the Dynamics and Expression of the instrument. For more information, refer to Dynamics.

  2. VIBRATO: Provides a range of controls relating to Vibrato. For more information, refer to Vibrato.

  3. Open (dots icon): Opens the Performance page.

  4. Close (x icon): Closes the Performance page and returns to the Main page.


In addition to various articulations, the emotion and expressiveness of a cello performance can be changed by playing the instrument softly, loudly, or anywhere in between, within the volume spectrum. The Dynamics controls allow you to control the volume and dynamics of the cello performance seamlessly and realistically.


The Dynamics controls

  • Expression: Adjusts control the volume of the performance. Use MIDI CC11 to control the expression value via your DAW.

  • Dynamics: Controls the volume and the dynamics of the performance. To control the dynamic value via your DAW, use MIDI CC1. The Dynamics slider can also be accessed from the Main page.

  • Short Articulations: Opens a drop-down menu to assign the short note dynamics to either keyboard velocity or MIDI controller. To change this value via your DAW, use MIDI CC1.


Vibrato is one of the most recognized ways to inject emotion into a cello performance. STRADIVARI CELLO features performance captured vibrato performances, which are re-applied into the non-vibrato samples. STRADIVARI CELLO lets you adjust the speed of the vibrato seamlessly and in real-time.


The Vibrato controls

  • Rate: Adjusts the rate of the vibrato. Use MIDI CC15 to control the vibrato rate with your DAW.

  • Vibrato: Controls the depth and intensity of the vibrato. Use MIDI CC14 to control the depth of the vibrato with your DAW. The Vibrato slider is also accessible from the Main page.

  • Style: Opens a drop-down menu with options for vibrato presets. The available vibrato styles are Passionate, Intensity, Wide, Evolving, and Narrow. To change the vibrato style via your DAW, use MIDI CC20.