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直观的鼓和打击乐库,具有2000多个可定制的 pattern 和先进的步进音序器。
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Drums lay the foundation of a track and drive its mood from start to finish, providing the fundamental core and backdrop for every other creative element. That’s why Native Instruments offers a whole range of drum and percussion sounds to create music in a way that works for you.

From classic drum kits to unique cinematic samples, our catalog of drum packs and percussion samples includes a variety of instruments and effects to help you sculpt your sound.


Perfect for rock, pop, jazz, blues or funk music, acoustic drum kits add a unique dynamic that can elevate any composition. Native Instruments offers a wide selection of acoustic drum VST instruments that cover every genre and musical style. So whether you’re looking for a powerful kick collection , cinematic percussion samples or a vintage drums loop, you’ll be drumming up a great beat in no time.


Native Instruments offers individual Abbey Road drum sound packs that cover six classic eras - from the vintage sounds of the 1930s to modern drum samples and everything in between. The ABBEY ROAD DRUMMER COLLECTION combines all six packages into a single comprehensive bundle that includes over 200,000 samples and MIDI patterns.

This drum sound collection will take you on a journey through music history. Start with the early VINTAGE DRUMMER sounds recorded on drum kits unearthed from the iconic Abbey Road Studios, and curated under the watchful eye of Abbey Road’s expert sound engineer. Move through the decades with the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s DRUMMER sound packages and finish up with MODERN DRUMMER, featuring two premium drum kits for a comprehensive contemporary collection. The ABBEY ROAD DRUMMER COLLECTION lets you experiment and play as you work your way through the decades.


When it comes to creative beat production, BATTERY 4 is the cutting-edge drum sampler plugin used by producers, DJs, and musicians around the world. With an ultra-fast workflow, clear interface, and expansive library that includes percussion and FX, hi-hat sample bundles, snares, and a variety of kick sounds, BATTERY 4 gives you the freedom to use drums in your own way. Plus, BATTERY 4 comes with powerful onboard effects and multiple sample modes to shape your sound the way you want.

DRUMLAB simplifies drum layering by combining the dynamic and expressive sounds of acoustic drums with the control and power of electronic drum samples. With 5 percussion sounds, impressive kicks packs, and multiple snare, cymbal, hi-hat, and toms variations to choose from, this drums collection combines a super intuitive workflow with over 900 drum patterns for wholly unique beats. If you’re looking for a fast, fun sampler that still packs a punch, POLYPLEX delivers. This eight-part drum sampler was created by Josh Hinden and Igor Shilov, and offers excellent creative control including 18 premium effects, as well as over-layering and randomizing capabilities that you can tweak to your complete satisfaction. Alternatively, TRK-01 is the perfect sound pack for tracks that need powerful kick loops combined with bass.

Combining modern and electric drum sounds, MACHINE DRUM SELECTION was designed to provide drummer samples for everyone and can be used with KONTAKT 7 or our free KONTAKT 7 PLAYER. This versatile drum library includes 20 full drum kits and integrated effects to help you effortlessly shape your sound.


Native Instruments’ Spotlight Collection focuses on musical traditions from all over the world, and delivers a dynamic international vibe. MIDDLE EAST offers a range of 25 authentic instruments from Arabic, Turkish, and Persian music, including 15 percussion instruments, while the vast library of INDIA contains a compelling range of beautifully sampled rhythmic patterns and historic scales.

WEST AFRICA offers an incredible 26 percussion instruments along with a further 8 tonal instruments, including the drum sounds of djembe, dunun, calabash, and bells. Play individual instruments or craft ensembles with more than 74 pre-programmed patterns.

Finally, CUBA brings the Afro-Cuban sounds that still weave through so many popular genres today. The percussion pieces include congas, bongos, and the rarely-sampled Cajon.


Cinematic sound starts with the drums – from epic orchestral percussion to the kick samples, hits, and beats that underpin the action. Native Instruments offers a range of options to craft the sound you want - from sweeping scores using SYMPHONY SERIES – PERCUSSION, featuring 55 percussion instruments to effortlessly create impressive percussion loops and samples - to the drama of  ACTION STRIKES with 12 ensembles, 65 single instruments, and 12 compiled Hit Sets.

For darker and edgier compositions, DAMAGE offers more than 200 sampled percussion sources and 500 single-shot elements, every single one of which will bring an industrial edge to your score. Created by Heavyocity, this unique percussion sound collection adds an undeniable edge to any production.

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