AI-generated drum samples

  • Generate countless royalty-free drum samples with this intelligent plugin powered by advanced generative models
  • No source recordings are used, making each sample completely original
  • Includes two infinite sound models, each with its own distinctive sound

Infinite samples, created from scratch

The generative models behind Emergent Drums 2 are trained to design novel drum samples from the ground up. No source recordings are used in the process, so each sample is truly original. Transformative Deep Sampling technology means you can create countless variations of samples from your personal collection. Plus, Emergent Drums 2 is a 16-pad instrument you can play via MIDI. Sculpt your samples with built-in support for layering and effects like clipping, filtering, and pitch-shifting.

About Audialab

US-based Audialab is a pioneering company harnessing the potential of AI to create distinctive drum samples that shape the future of music.

At a glance

Product type: Plugin
System Requirements: Mac OS 10.11 or higher (including Native M1 Compatibility). Windows 7 or higher.
For use with: Komplete Kontrol, Maschine, or almost any plugin host (DAW) that can host VST3 or AU plugins
Download size: 70 MB
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