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Professioneller 4-Kanal-DJ-Controller mit motorisierten Haptic Drive™ Jog-Wheels. Umfassend exzellentes Feedback, maximale Flexibilität, hochwertiges Audio-Interface und mehr.


Tap into the power of digital DJing with the tactile control of vinyl hardware. Use your existing vinyl or CD setup and easily combine it with our selection of powerful TRAKTOR digital vinyl mix songs directly from your computer library.

With a mix of pro-grade hardware and software, Native Instruments offers an extensive digital library to simplify mixing while keeping that old-school vinyl vibe.


A digital vinyl system, aka DVS, allows you to control DJ software with timecode vinyl or CDs. Meaning you can use existing hardware – i.e., vinyl decks and CDJs – to mix any track in your digital library, giving your current DJ set up the power of TRAKTOR.

But digital vinyl isn’t just for turntablists who love to scratch – it's also ideal for anyone who wants the tactile feel of a traditional system combined with the power of a digital workflow. You can even add a DVS into your existing setup, meaning you keep the feel, flow, and controls of the hardware you already use.


Kickstart your digital vinyl system with TRAKTOR SCRATCH AUDIO 6, that includes everything you need to integrate your vinyl or CD setup into a digital workflow.

Starting with the high-quality TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 soundcard, two stereo inputs, two stereo outputs, a main stereo input and output, and a headphone jack for monitoring, you'll gain a complete digital vinyl system in a single bundle. Additionally, you can utilize an external mixer using the separate stereo outputs, thanks to the two timecode vinyls and CDs that are also included in the bundle. The whole system runs in the cutting edge TRAKTOR PRO 3 DJ software, used in clubs, bars, and festivals around the globe. 


If you’re looking to take your hardware to the next level, then the TRAKTOR Z2 2+2 channel mixer is ideal for your digital vinyl system. It combines the power of TRAKTOR PRO 3 DJ software with the features of a standalone pro-DJ mixer.

The two standalone channels of the TRAKTOR Z2 allow you to add any existing turntables you like while switching seamlessly to your digital decks in the TRAKTOR software with the state-of-the-art TRAKTOR SCRATCH DVS.

TRAKTOR Z2 also includes a USB hub on the back of the unit, so you can add peripherals such as the TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 and X1 controllers into your system to utilize even more features in the TRAKTOR PRO 3 software.

Whether at the club or as part of a studio setup, TRAKTOR Z2 delivers phenomenal results, with high-quality controls, connections, and a 24-bit audio interface, all built onto a rugged aluminum chassis.


For something extra special, keep an eye out for limited edition timecode vinyl, such as the TRAKTOR ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION, which includes designs by Shiftee and Last Night On Earth, and is available in three colorways: glow-in-the-dark green, purple, and translucent.

What’s more, you can add a couple of TRAKTOR BUTTER RUGS to your digital vinyl system for super-smooth scratching. Created in collaboration with Qbert’s Thud Rumble brand, these slim and slick slipmats help make scratches ultra-smooth. The synthetic material and lack of plastic or wax reduce friction between your vinyl and platter for greater control and reduced interference.

Harness the power of digital DJing with the control and familiarity of your existing hardware with the Native Instruments digital vinyl range. From pro-grade channel mixers like the TRAKTOR Z2 to the all-in-one pack of TRAKTOR SCRATCH AUDIO 6, Native Instruments has everything you need to craft the digital vinyl setup of your dreams.

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