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Mit vier Amps aufgenommener, klassischer 70er E-Bass. Inspiriert von Bernard Edwards (Chic).
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Driving rhythm, building harmonics, and guiding the groove for decades, a good bass is vital to any production. Never missing a beat, Native Instruments has created a range of the best electric bass guitar VSTs available, so you can find the style that suits your sound and produce studio-quality tracks at the touch of a button.


An authentic electric bass for any situation, the SESSION BASSIST — PRIME BASS pack offers the essential sounds of a bass guitar with more than 350 playable patterns and phrases in an easy-to-use VST. Painstakingly sampled from a 1981 cherry sunburst solid-body bass guitar, PRIME BASS is one of the most realistic electric guitar VSTs available, with everything you need to craft the perfect bassline for any genre or style.  

For a more distinct studio-ready sound, the SCARBEE RICKENBACKER® BASS is sampled from the famed Rickenbacker® 4003, heard in rock and pop albums since its release more than 40 years ago. This electric bass guitar VST puts the power of that classic instrument in your hands, with its crisp midrange for a perfect mix and both open-picked and palm-muted articulations for a custom-crafted sound.


The authentic sounds of 70s jazz bass are brought to life with the SCARBEE JAY-BASS, combining more than 6000 Samples and 4 velocity layers to deliver a production-ready electric bass VST. Explore true-to-life slapped and fingered bass sounds with advanced capture techniques allowing you to hear every slide and twang between notes, all powered by cutting-edge scripting features from Scarbee.

Dive into warmer 70s bass tones with the SCARBEE MM-BASS, bringing the creamy vibes of 70s disco and funk classics through the precision sampling of flat-wound strings. As with the JAY-BASS, the MM-BASS is more than a collection of samples, offering ultra-realistic timbre changes as you move between frets, numerous playing techniques such as sustains, mutes, and slides, and sophisticated scripting.

For even more fine-tuning, Native Instruments offers the SCARBEE MM-BASS AMPED, which builds on MM-BASS with four different amp sounds: 

Fat— a round and tight bass

Heavy — sharp and hard 

Crunchy — slight distortion and a lot of power

Pop — a fat and crispy bass sound

Each electric bass VST amp is perfectly crafted to get the right sound for the right genre, whether R&B, pop, rock or hard rock.


The Fender® Precision bass is an iconic instrument with a sound that suits any genre or style, and now with the SCARBEE PRE BASS VST, you can add its authentic sound to any production. This electric bass VST is built on more than 4000 expert samples using roundwound strings for a rich, fat sound, and includes almost all the articulations possible from harmonics and hammer-ons to pull-offs and grace notes. The range of sounds, along with the advanced scripting, make this realistic electric guitar VST both highly playable and infinitely versatile – ideal for any production environment.


What’s more, with the SCARBEE PRE-BASS AMPED pack, you can get all the authentic sounds and features of the Fender® Precision bass recorded through the four distinct amplifiers of the SCARBEE MM-BASS AMPED pack, designed to sculpt the perfect sound for R&B, pop, rock, hard rock and more.

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