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Professionally designed vocals for composers and producers of any genre – brought to you by Heavyocity.
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Explore immersive Vocal VST plugins

Whether you want to add vocal elements to a track or you already have some vocals recorded and you’re looking to add effects, it’s important to have vocal VST plugins and vocal plugins that give you a professional, expressive sound.  

Explore creative vocal effects and playable vocal instruments to bring the human voice to life in your own productions.

Infuse your music with humanized vocal textures

Vocal Colors is perfect for adding vibrant vocal elements to productions in any genre. This creative vocal engine merges a diverse range of vocal expressions, allowing you to create hypnotic soundscapes that blur the line between electronic and organic. It offers fluid, dynamic male and female voices that are customizable with formant shift, vibrato, and breath controls; and it seamlessly integrates with any of the Kontrol S-Series keyboards. In the latest version, it has the capability to import your own vocal samples. 

Experiment with hybrid vocals for pop, hip hop, and R&B music

Duets is a hybrid vocal and keys instrument that blends multi-sampled vocals with synths and keys, including 151 tweakable presets for crafting expressive melodies and harmonies. Plus, with plenty of hands-on effects and customizable sound sources to play with, it allows for loads of creative flexibility. Duets is intuitive yet powerful – perfect for adding sonic depth to tracks with its rich, blendable sounds and user-friendly interface. 

Another option for hip hop and R&B is Glaze, a versatile, high-gloss vocal instrument. It includes 148 presets of vocal licks, stacked chords, and even bass and pad sounds. Recorded with diverse, live vocalists, Glaze shines in delivering upfront vocals for lustrous pop and R&B tracks, as well as processed melodics for hip-hop. It comes with innovative Riff and Run presets for creating original vocal phrases, plus built-in preset macros to allow you to add shimmering vocals to your tracks quickly and easily.

Explore cinematic vocals for authentic and experimental choir lines 

Choir: Omnia offers breathtaking symphonic voices, featuring a 40-piece choir divided into soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. It's a dynamic tool for scoring in any genre, offering realistic choir parts and intricate phrase building. Created with Strezov Sampling, Choir: Omnia provides over 70 GB of content and 189 presets. Its innovative engine, Polyphonic True Legato script, and transformation features enable the creation of new vocalizations and authentic choir lines. This vocal VST plugin is ideal for adding vocal emotion to soundtracks, spanning from fantasy films to experimental electronica.

Another powerful cinematic choir is Mysteria. This vocal instrument captures the nuanced emotion of the human voice, featuring over 800 sound sources from extensive choir sessions, forming over 600 playable layers. This tool is designed for creating complex atmospheres and emotional impacts, offering control over tonally-playable notes and clusters. With its X-Y control system, it allows for intuitive creation of evolving atmospheres and dramatic vocal shifts. Developed in collaboration with Galaxy Instruments. 

Discover synthesized vocal textures and effects

Pharlight is a vocal-based granular instrument ideal for creating uniquely-human textures, pads, leads, and effects. It features a vocal sample library specifically designed for its two unique playback modules (Sample and Grain). Useful for creating cinematic soundscapes and pulsating ambiences, Pharlight is packed with over 350 expertly-designed snapshots and 319 sound sources, including beatboxers and multi-sampled choral tones. Its easy-to-use granular engine and X-Y pad offer real-time modulation – making it perfect for transitions, tension, and drops. Pharlight is one of the best vocal VST plugins for reshaping vocals into new, innovative musical expressions​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.


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