The best choir VST plugins from Native Instruments

The sound of human voices singing together touches us on a deep level. That’s what makes the choir such a powerful musical instrument. Whether it’s adding intimacy, evoking spiritual depth, or heightening an epic climax, choir sounds can be heard across modern film and video game scores, electronic music, and beyond.

Choir VST plugins offer high-quality vocal samples in a simple, playable digital interface, giving you lifelike choir sounds right inside your laptop. There are a huge range of choir VSTs out there, from stunningly realistic ensembles to innovative sound design tools, and from mythical ancient chants to future-facing textures.

Which is the best VST choir for you? In this article, we’ll run down the best choir plugins available from Native Instruments and NKS partners. This list is your portal into rich worlds of choral sound from many of the world’s best sample instrument makers. Read on to find just the emotive sounds you need.

1. Jacob Collier Audience Choir

A free choir plugin inspired by the harmonious audience choirs at Jacob Collier’s Djesse world tour. Explore audience samples captured from 22 different cities across the globe, with dynamic tuning controls and polyphonic aftertouch support for unmatched expression. Whatever your level of music theory knowledge, this instrument will make it easy to bring your ideas to life. The chord generator function provides instant harmony, the Vowel Morph pad can blend different vowel types, and you can conduct your own choir by recording custom motions in real time for adaptive performances.

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2. Choir: Omnia

Omnia is a powerful all-rounder choir plugin that’s great for almost any use. This 40-piece ensemble, split across the traditional soprano, alto, tenor, and bass sections, can do everything from the softest tones to full-throated emotion. And you can make the singers’ words your own using the innovative Syllabuilder engine, which allows you to combine and transform 16 available syllables to create the exact phrase you need. If all the sound-shaping options seem daunting, simply pick one of the 189 presets and you’ll be creating evocative vocals in no time.

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3. Exclusive Choir Bundle

If you’re building your VST choir collection from scratch, the Exclusive Choir Bundle is a good place to start. This bundle features four first class choir VSTs from Strezov Sampling, giving you a broad range of sounds well-suited to video game and fantasy composers, or anybody wanting to add a mystical touch to their tracks.

Wotan offers booming male voices for epic moments, while Freyja Female Choir is ideal for otherworldly vocals and magical whispers. Arva Children Choir is an angelic ensemble split into boys’ and girls’ sections, and Rhodope 2 Choir features the authentic sounds of Bulgarian folklore. Each instrument offers a world of sound to explore; combined, they’ll bring new expressive range to your music.

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4. Vocal Colors

Vocal Colors is the best choir VST for sound explorers who like pushing their vocals to the limit. This creative vocal engine combines a huge range of vocal expressions with synthetic sound and powerful shaping tools to create never-before-heard sounds. Perfect for cinematic sonics, forward-thinking pop, and plenty else besides, Vocal Colors combines human and machine in exciting new ways.

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5. Mysteria

Mysteria will help you bring emotion into your music. This unique choir plugin lets you create gorgeous atmospheres, chords, and more by transforming a library of vocal samples. Key to this is the playable two-axis control panel. By manipulating one control, you can morph between hundreds of specially recorded sound sources and smoothly change the emotional intensity of the output. The result is a sound that morphs and develops in real-time – particularly handy for soundtracking visuals.

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6. Pharlight

Pharlight is an inspiring instrument for innovative music-makers of all kinds. It’s part choir VST, part granular synthesizer, and packed with unconventional sonics. The 319 idiosyncratic sound sources offer endless inspiration, and powerful sound-shaping tools – based on the beloved granular synthesizer Straylight – mean you’re only limited by your imagination. If you’re looking for a new way to shape sounds and get inspired, look no further than Pharlight.

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7. Aeris: Hybrid Choir Designer

Aeris is a “hybrid” choir plugin that’s well-suited to sound designers looking to work with the voice – or any music-maker who likes to be surprised. 10GB of vocal samples cover male and female choirs and four solo singers (bass, tenor, alto, and soprano). From this solid foundation, Aeris’ smart interface allows you to conjure an endless array of pads, textures, and more. If you want a full-bodied choir sound, Aeris has you covered. But it really excels when you push the voice into bold new territories. One for the explorers.

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8. Genesis: Children's Choir

Genesis captures the angelic sound of a children’s choir in incredible detail. This choir VST is essentially four choirs in one, giving you two separate 16-piece boys and girls choirs at different pitch ranges (soprano and alto), each with their own set of controls. Combined with handy presets, an intuitive phrase builder and more, these features make Genesis one of the most powerful children’s choir VSTs out there.

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9. Voices of War: Men of the North

Ancient languages can give extra depth and atmosphere to your choir parts, particularly when scoring for film or video games. Many VST choirs offer Latin phrases for this reason. Voices of War puts a twist on the formula by using vocabulary from the Old Norse language. The results are powerful and evocative, particularly – as the name suggests – for martial scenes and epic moments. Use this imposing, low-voiced male choir to add a Viking flavor to scores and electronic tracks.

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10. Vocalise

Sometimes, a single voice is all that’s needed to transform a proficient score or track into a tear-jerking moment. If you’re looking for a choir plugin that heightens intimacy and emotion, try Vocalise. This collection of alluring vocal pads and phrases, delivered by an esteemed roster of professional vocalists, brings instant feeling to film scores and more. As an added bonus, many of the recordings feature moving vowels that are perfect for adding dynamism to your composition.

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11. Vocalise 2

Vocalise 2 takes Heavyocity’s Vocalise even further with a wealth of new samples. The most striking addition is a series of rhythmic vocals and motifs, tempo-synced so that they’ll slot right into your project. If you want to add an epic flavor to your beat-based music, or bring movement into your film scores, Vocalise 2 could be the best choir VST for the job.

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12. Requiem Light Symphonic Choir

Requiem brings you huge, dramatic choir sounds for the grandest musical moments. Recorded at the historic Saint Paul’s Cathedral in San Francisco, this 4,000-sample VST choir excels at soaring climaxes and celestial atmospheres. Use it to bring instant drama to a film or video game score. With a wide range of choral effects on offer – from the classics to out-there sounds – experimental producers will find plenty of inspiration here too.

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13. Voices of Gaia

Voices of Gaia will add the final magic touch to your composition. This choir plugin features thousands of live performance phrases captured from four highly expressive solo vocalists. Covering a range of tempos and styles, you’ll find just the phrase to cap off your score or track. The VST also comes with dozens of synths, drones, and soundscapes resynthesized from the recorded voices, meaning you could compose an entire track with this choir VST alone.

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14. Voices of Rapture

Voices of Rapture is the best VST choir for operatic voices. Featuring four world-class singers covering the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass ranges, use it to elevate your music with the soaring tones of classical opera. You can choose phrases in French, Latin, and even humming and whistling categories, and edit them to perfection with a powerful interface including a step sequencer, tempo control, and phrase editing. The plugin also comes with over 400 pads, drones, and soundscapes, to keep creative producers happy for hours.

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15. Storm Choir Ultimate

There’s a reason why Strezov Sampling’s Storm Choir is one of the most beloved choir VSTs out there. This dramatic chamber choir instrument excels in a loud, over-the-top singing style that’s perfect for dramatic scoring and impactful electronic music. In Storm Choir Ultimate, Strezov worked hard to bring this venerable choir VST to the next level. The entire library was re-recorded with a larger ensemble, and the innovative Performance Patch allows you to perform your choir lines on the fly, meaning you can catch the inspiration as it comes.

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16. The Performers Anonym Orthodox Choir

Use Orthodox Choir to add a spiritual dimension to your music. This choir VST captures the hallowed sound of Orthodox Christian church music. The phrases on offer are renowned chants typically performed in churches and monasteries, and they’ve been recorded at a range of tempos and pitches so that you can adapt them to any musical project. Simply cue up a phrase and let the spine-tingling commence.

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17. The Performers Anonym Gregorian Choir

Few musical genres are as evocative as medieval Gregorian chants. This choir plugin harnesses the power of this ancient music for use in your scores or productions. The phrases on offer are real Latin-language chants originating from 9th century Europe, meaning you can be sure of authentic flavor. As with all of Strezov Sampling’s Performers range, this choir plugin was recorded with world-class equipment from three microphone positions, giving you maximum sonic depth and control. Gregorian Choir is the best choir VST for adding historical depth to your music.

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Start elevating your tracks with choir VST plugins

In this article we’ve looked at some of the best choir VST plugins available. We’ve explored epic chamber choirs, ancient chants in forgotten languages, innovative sound-shaping tools, and plenty else besides. Now you know what’s out there, it’s time to start harnessing the power of the voice in your own music.

Native Instruments offers a huge range of vocal VST plugins for every need. Whether you’re looking for a choir, a handy set of backing singers, or a sound-bending synth, one of our vocal VST plugins will have what you need.

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