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Synthesizers are electronic musical instruments that use analog circuits, computer software, and digital technology to create an incredible range of sounds. They generate sound waves from oscillators using a variety of processes, which include subtractive, additive, and frequency modulation synthesis. A synthesizer can then further shape those waves using many different effects such as filters, envelopes, and low-frequency oscillators. There are lots of different types of synthesizers available to choose from in the Native Instruments catalog.




The invention of the synthesizer has been a huge influence on the evolution of modern music, playing a key role in the writing and recording of many of the most iconic albums of all time. The first synths started to appear in the late 1950s when it was discovered that analog circuitry could produce amazing sounds from electronic oscillators. During the 1960s and 1970s the futuristic feel of synth-based music became more and more popular, and by the 1980s the majority of pop hits were created using a synthesizer. When MIDI technology was introduced in 1982, this further pushed the popularization of synthesizers, making them easier to play and work within electronic music studios. The 1980s also saw digital technology become widely used in synthesizers, and during the 1990s the first software synths began to emerge, with Native Instruments at the forefront of that innovation. Since the pioneering inventions of GENERATOR and REAKTOR, through to the present day of MASSIVE X, PHARLIGHT and SUPER 8, Native Instruments has been shaping the sound of cutting-edge sound synthesis.




The Native Instruments catalog has a huge choice of synth options, from easy-to-use plug-ins that are as affordable as they are intuitive, to extensive instruments that can become the creative hub of any studio. Wavetable synthesizers like our iconic MASSIVE X and the genre-defining MASSIVE generate rich tones and timbres, so you can create anything from piercing leads to huge pads. A modular synthesizer such as REAKTOR and ABSYNTH allows different oscillators, effects and other sound-shaping tools to be connected together in a variety of ways, for infinite tonal control and inspiration. Granular synthesis engines like PHARLIGHT and STRAYLIGHT repurpose and reimagine existing sound sources to make unique textures and spark anything from pop hooks to cinematic swells. Monophonic synthesizers like MONARK focus on creating one stunning note at a time, while polyphonic synthesizers like SUPER 8 allow notes to be played together for a full range of harmonic possibilities. All of these synth types and many more are available in our diverse collection, so whether you want sounds for films, festivals, radio, clubs, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.



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