Classic synthesis reimagined

  • Raw oscillator samples in an intuitive interface
  • Nostalgic sounds combined with a host of advanced features
  • Including 12 analog wave shapes and over 80 presets

Analog sound meets the future

Built with samples of raw oscillators from an 80s era analog synthesizer, JX-Osc comes complete with 12 analog wave shapes, 30 effects, and over 80 presets. It combines analog nostalgia with the ability to reshape sound for modern productions.

About Clay and Kelsy Instruments

Founded in 2021, Clay and Kelsy Instruments is a boutique music software company made up of designers and musicians. They create affordable and inclusive instruments with a focus on sonic quality and player ingenuity to inspire music makers at every level.

At a glance

Product type: Kontakt instruments
For use with: Free Kontakt Player or Kontakt.
Download size: 129 MB
System requirements: Free Kontakt Player or Kontakt.
Please also see the Kontakt Player system requirements and the Kontakt Player FAQ.
You can install this instrument with Native Access – just as you would with any Native Instruments product.

How NKS can help you

NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) brings all your software instruments, effects, loops, and samples, into one intuitive workflow – whether they’re NI products, or those from other leading developers. It gives you streamlined browsing, consistent tagging, instant sound previews, pre-mapped parameters, Smart Play features, and more. NKS also connects all your favorite tools to our keyboards and software, Maschine, and third-party controllers.

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