Native Instruments is the backbeat to the music industry. As the leaders in digital music creation and performance, we're right there on stage and in the studio with global stars and legends in the making. Driven by our mission to make music creation more inclusive and accessible, our hardware, software and digital services provide innovative, fully-integrated solutions for hobbyists, amateurs and professionals of all styles and genres.

For over 20 years, Native Instruments has been at the heart of musical innovation pursuing our vision to inspire and empower all music lovers. Our ground-breaking platforms have created thriving creative communities. And our products and services consistently push technological boundaries and open new creative horizons for professionals and amateurs alike.


From day one, Native Instruments has pushed the boundaries of musical creation. Founded in 1996, we led the way as the first platform provider for the music industry, sparking groundbreaking sonic innovation with software instruments.

We're relentlessly forward-thinking. Our audio technology has inspired new genres and revolutionized how people and companies create and perform music. We combine outstanding sound quality with unlimited sonic possibilities, aesthetic interface design with supreme usability, and comprehensive functionality with an uncompromising attention to detail. That's why our products are used by the best and boldest in music.

Today, Native Instruments offers an unrivalled ecosystem of hardware, software, and digital services driven by powerful platforms like KONTAKT, REAKTOR, KOMPLETE and that serve the whole industry together with its ground-breaking Native Kontrol Standard technology. Each product is platform agnostic, seamlessly integrating with the entire spectrum of modern music creation and performance.


KOMPLETE is the professional producer's secret weapon and an essential for budding amateurs. This exceptional range of software instruments, effects plug-ins, audio interfaces and premium smart keyboards is designed to facilitate the highest quality production across every musical genre.

KOMPLETE has become a sales platform in itself and now represents over 85 individual products, including landmark creative tools such as the modular sound design software REAKTOR, the market-leading sampling platform KONTAKT, and the universal digital effects studio GUITAR RIG. The KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard range provides the ideal controller hardware for this spectacular range of instruments and effects. The keyboards are fully integrated with the software – producers can browse, load, and adjust sounds straight from the keyboard, making each virtual instrument come to life at the player's fingertips.


MASCHINE put the groove back into digital production. Since its introduction in 2009, it has single-handedly created a new market segment. With an integrated hardware-software concept and uniquely intuitive real-time workflow, it has transformed the way producers build beats and tracks. MASCHINE has become synonymous with a spontaneous way of creating and performing beat-oriented music. Today’s pioneers of electronic and urban music genres are using it to shape a new sonic landscape.


TRAKTOR spearheaded the digital DJ revolution. On stages across the world, DJ legends rely on this innovative software to free them from the limitations of analogue. In 2001, we dropped the ground-breaking TRAKTOR software, pioneering the concept of full-featured computer-based DJing. In 2004 we changed the performance landscape again, releasing the first truly integrated DJ software and hardware controller. Since then, this amazing product family has come to represent the contemporary paradigm of the DJ craft. Now with a diverse and growing range of hardware controllers and audio interfaces, TRAKTOR arms DJs with vast new creative possibilities to take their craft to the next level.


Changing the world of music is a huge ambition. To achieve this we're creating a dynamic, integrated and curated ecosystem with Native Instruments and third party products and services offering maximum value for all users. This empowerment is built around the new platform, This online platform for loops, samples, and sound packs gives music creators of all genres access to over 500,000 of the best quality sounds from more than 200 partners. The strength and depth of our platform is increasing with our recent acquisition of sonic innovators and community spaces, The Loop Loft and MetaPop. These are brands that share our passion for quality, our dedication to musicians and music enthusiasts and our vision of an open creation ecosystem, where the lines between production and performance are blurred, and the gap between music consumption and creation is bridged.


The only true way to grow is together. Collaboration is at the very heart of everything we do. And it's what great musicians do best. That's why we’re building a network of creative people, a global community of music makers using the Native Instruments platform to share ideas and inspiration. Using tools and analytics to learn new skills, and using our innovative portfolio of products and NKS technology to realise their musical passion.

Our teams are expanding and our partnerships within the music category are growing. Our ecosystem facilitates not only music creators but also a wide range of manufacturers and toolmakers within the industry at large. We believe authentic collaboration with all parties, be it music makers or industry partners, is the key of opening up music creation for all and driving music forward.


We believe in the positive power of music creation. And today, the democratization of music is more vital than ever. That's why Native Instruments is there for every type of musician – from platinum-selling professionals to part-time beat-makers.

We're in harmony with the needs of the next generation of musicians, influencers and sonic pioneers. Our competitively priced products, innovative subscription model and open platform strategy are turning bedrooms into studios across the world.

We're at the forefront with legends in the making. When new ground is broken, we'll be there behind every beat.


Native Instruments is an essential part of a vibrant international music scene. We highly value our relationship with artists, DJs, and producers, and are in constant contact with the inspiring individuals that use our platforms, products, and services. We use their feedback to improve what we do, and shape the next generation of musical innovations.

Native Instruments is run by our CEO Daniel Haver and CIO/President Mate Galic. Today, we employ more than 500 people in our offices in Berlin, Los Angeles, Toronto, Tokyo, London, Paris, and Shenzhen. After twenty years of continuous expansion, we are proud to work closely with 40 international distribution partners to ensure our future growth and success.