You can now set up Ableton Live for use with the KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 and play a Live Set to check the sound.

Selecting the Audio Device

Open the Ableton Live software. Then go to Preferences and click on Audio. Select the KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 from both the Audio Input Device and the Audio Output Device drop-down menus.
Note: If you are using Windows, you first need to select ASIO from the Driver drop-down menu. If you cannot find the ASIO driver in the list, learn how to install it here.

Playing a Live Set

Click on the Play button in the header to listen to the demo Live Set.

Note: The demo Live Set will not open if you have already used Ableton Live. In this case, you can access demo Live Sets in the Help View.
When using loudspeakers, slowly turn up the big volume knob on top of the KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 (OUT1/2 VOLUME).
When using headphones, slowly turn up the knob above the headphones output.
After listening, stop the playback by clicking on the Stop button in the header.

Optimizing the Audio Settings

You can tailor the audio settings to achieve the best performance on your computer. Learn how:
Optimizing Audio Settings for KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 and 2

In some cases the computer needs to be optimized in order to achieve clean audio playback and recording. Learn more about this here: