Before you can make your first recording, you need to connect your equipment. Choose the equipment you want to connect:


Connecting a Microphone

You can use a microphone with the KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 to record your voice or any other sound source.

Connect your microphone to IN 1 using an XLR cable.
Depending on the type of microphone, you need to switch the 48V power supply (phantom power) on or off. Condenser microphones require phantom power, while dynamic microphones do not. If you are not sure about the type of your microphone, please check its user manual.

Connecting an Instrument

You can connect your electric guitar or bass directly to the KOMPLETE AUDIO 6.
Connect your instrument to IN 1 using a 1/4 inch jack cable.
Set the LINE / INST switch for this input to INST.

Connecting a Synthesizer (Stereo)

You can connect your stereo synthesizer or any other stereo line level source (e.g. mixer, audio recorder) directly to the KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 using the inputs on the back of the device.
Connect your stereo line level source to IN 3 and IN 4 using two 1/4 inch jack cables.
Now that your equipment is connected you can use it with your software. You have two options: Sample in MASCHINE or record in Ableton Live.