Cinematic Ensembles Orchestral Percussion Modern Percussion SFX Ethno Percussion
Big Boom Ensemble Big Gran Cassa Bassdrum Aquaphone Taiko Low Solo
Designed Ensemble Hits Medium Gran Cassa 3 big toms Dark Drones Taiko Mid Solo
Big Tom Ensemble Concert Tom Low Modern Shaker Heartbeat Taiko Shimer Solo
Mid Tom Ensemble Concert Tom Mid1 Hihat Crasher Indian Drums
Concert Tom Ensemble Concert Tom Mid2 Crash Cymbals Rainmaker DounDoun
Snare Ensemble Concert Tom High China Cymbals Mystic Rust Small Djembe
Taiko Full Ensemble Snare Rimshots Magic Triangle Bongo
Taiko Low Ensemble Field Drum Windchimes Metal Box Hand Drum
Taiko Mid Ensemble Piatti 16 different Hybrid Tikitaka Sounds Metal Sticks Bamboo Sticks
Taiko High Ensemble Cymbals Hybrid Flaps and Punches Maracas
Lethal Ethno Ensemble Tamtam African shaker
Natural Ethno Ensemble Anvils Cajita
High Ethno Ensemble Chains
Orchestral Shaker
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