ACTION STRINGS 2 consists of all-new samples recorded specifically for this library. However, the majority of phrases from ACTION STRINGS 1 have been recreated and reimagined using the live modules in ACTION STRINGS 2.
Since ACTION STRINGS 1 does not have the modular approach of ACTION STRINGS 2, there’s no technical compatibility between the two. However, you can recreate what you were doing in ACTION STRINGS 1 by using the phrase builder in ACTION STRINGS 2.
Yes, you can edit all phrases using the engine page. You can exchange modules, transpose notes, alter the time signature, and adjust the dynamics as much as you like.
Live Modules are short musical building blocks that strike the balance between flexibility and realism. They are short enough that they can be assembled to realize your own musical ideas, but long enough to capture the essence of a live ensemble.
Yes, ACTION STRINGS 2 is fully tempo-synced and follows the tempo set in your DAW. You can also double the playback tempo or cut it in half to suit your music.
Yes, ACTION STRINGS 2 comes with four separate mic positions. You can create your own mix from those mic positions on the Mixer page, use our pre-designed mixed-mic position, or choose from a variety of different presets, to find the sound that perfectly fits with your composition.
Yes, there is a dedicated MIDI export function, which lets you export the MIDI data generated by the ACTION STRINGS 2 engine.
Yes, there is a selection of single articulations available that you can play freely to fill out your composition.
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